Seeing the Beauty of Winter

Winter is my least favorite season. There, I said it. So many of my friends love the winter, as they are avid fans of the cold weather, the holidays, and all of the activities associated with it. I for one despise the cold, and prefer the warmer, sunnier months. I also tend to fall into a seasonal depression when winter hits, making my days darker and gloomier due to the coldness and lack of sunshine. 


However, this winter I am determined to see more beauty in it. I want to remain positive in a time I am usually more negative. Instead of complaining about the cold, I want to look at the bright side in that I can wear cute outfits involving sweaters, boots, and jackets. Instead of complaining about the snow and ice, I can think of how mesmerizing it looks falling from the sky, or how elegant the icicle look hanging off of buildings. Instead of complaining about the early darkness, I can see how pretty everyone’s holiday lights look when they go on by 5:00 p.m. every day. By trying to remain positive, this time of year can be more beautiful than gloomy. I also am trying to think of all the fun activities that one can only do in the winter, such as ice skating, building snowmen, and making Christmas cookies. 


If you’re like me and also despise the winter, trying to remain positive can help you get through it. It’s already helped me greatly. By this time last year, I was heavily depressed and upset most of the time. Now, I’m significantly happier than last year, and am definitely enjoying this time of the year much more. I seriously recommend this to those who are in a similar situation.