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As we head further into the fall semester of school, you may begin to feel homesick. This feeling is completely normal, and there’s no shame in missing your family or your hometown.

Sometimes there can be feelings of guilt tied into feeling homesick, like thinking to yourself, “I should love school, I should be having fun.” While you can still have fun at school, missing your home place is inevitable. It’s bound to happen and whatever feelings you have are absolutely valid. 

There are many ways to solve homesickness! Technology is such a helpful tool when we begin to miss our homes, because our families are just one click away to being on our screens! Seeing our families faces over FaceTime, or hearing their voices over the phone can help ease the feeling of missing them. Even just sending a text saying, “hey, I miss you” is bound to put a smile on your family members face.

When you can’t get in contact with your family members, a good way to distract yourself from the feeling is to listen to a song that they love. Or, you can look at old pictures and reminisce on fond memories. I personally print out pictures of my family members and hang them in my dorm room. Whenever I miss them I just look at their pictures and it fills my heart. 

Other ways to help feel better is to reflect on how much your family members mean to you. At first it may seem like this tactic will make you miss them even more, but once you’re done reflecting, it should fill you with love and light towards that family member, and make you more excited to see them when you can! You could even go for a walk and spot out one of their favorite flowers or favorite colors.

If you just miss your hometown in general, you could also keep a little souvenir that reminds you of your hometown or happy place. When you’re feeling homesick you can grab your little souvenir and carry it around with you. 

Feeling homesick while away at school is natural. Thankfully, there are so many ways to remind yourself that you’ll see your home again soon. Just remember to live in the present and have so much fun with the people that are currently around you.



Rachel Hertz

Monmouth '23

Hi i’m Rachel and I’m from Swarthmore, PA. I’m a sophomore at Monmouth University and I’m a psychology major with a communications minor! Some of my favorite things include the beach, sunsets, food, traveling, hanging out with friends, and any type of water sport!
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