The Race Against Time

When I was little, I remember all of the adults saying how fast time is going by, and I did not understand it at all. I felt like everything was moving so slowly and I was so excited to see everything that life had in store for me, I wanted to get there right away. Except now I just turned 21, and I am starting to understand what all the adults were saying when I was 7 years old. I feel like I blinked, and I was in college, but I still feel like time is moving very slowly as well.           

            This semester seems to be going by very slowly and quickly. I can still remember things from last semester and last year very vividly which makes me feel like time is moving slow, but at the same time we are almost at the end of October, and I am like how. I still do not feel like I am in college, a junior in college to say the least, but here I am, more than half way done with school and I still feel like I am 15 at times. Months and weeks, and even years are all blurring together but I feel like I am at a standstill.

            I can look back and remember things very vividly, so I feel like things are moving slow, but then feel like everything before last year never even happened. It is like I just appeared and now this is how my life is going.

            I do not know what to do to stop feeling like this, but I have been trying really hard to be in the moment with everything. To really enjoy whatever I am doing to feel like I have a better grip on what is happening and time. I also have been starting to journal to be able to remember things, another way to drive and feel like I am in control with how fast life is moving. Even though I will never be able to have a grasp on time and life and how it is connected, it makes me feel better to think I can do little things to enjoy every moment