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Quarantine got boring real fast. And, like a majority of people I follow on Instagram, Snapchat, and the like, I hopped on the trend of dying my hair while locked indoors with nothing to do. I figured if only a handful of people would be able to see me anyways, why not give it a try? It was something I had always wanted to try, so what better time to do it than when no one could see me and I was hidden inside.

Because my mom dyes her hair, I decided to use the brand she uses since it seemed to work really well for her: Olia. Olia is owned by Garnier Fructis. Considering that this was always a trustworthy brand, I figured their hair coloring would be equally as nice. As a brunette I always wanted to know what I’d look like with darker hair so I used the color soft black.

My hair is super thick and about medium length, so I decided to buy two boxes to be better safe than sorry. Moral of the story: one box actually did the job. If you’ve dyed your hair before, then you probably know the process. If you’re new to it, you probably don’t. When you first open the box, you have to add Colorant, a tube that contains the actual dye, into a bottle called a developer bottle. This step was fairly simple and only required some squeezing of a bottle and shaking in order to get the product in the developer bottle to mix properly with the Colorant. Once all of this was done, I went to town applying it to my hair.

Pro tip: Make sure to put a towel down on your sink or below you when you’re dying your hair; it will dye anything just like your hair, making it very hard to get out of things.

It went on so nicely and made it super easy to tell which strands of hair were already covered and which weren’t. It took me a while to apply it to my entire head (because as I mentioned before, my hair is really thick), but overall, it was so easy and went on so easily, especially for a first-time “hair-colorer” like me. 

I let the coloring sit on my hair for 30 minutes and then took a shower. When you shower, you have to rinse the excess color out and wait for the water to run clear. Considering I dyed my hair black, I was extremely worried when I saw a stream of black trickle down and cover my shower. Not to worry because it doesn’t stain whatsoever.

Afterwards, I applied the conditioner that came in the package with the coloring. Overall, the dye along with the conditioner I used in the shower left my hair feeling as soft and smooth as it’s ever felt. It felt rejuvenated, nourished, and anything but dry. It came out amazing; I was nervous going from a medium brown color to black would be too big of a jump. But, it was so natural looking and left my hair feeling so healthy. 

Overall, I’d strongly recommend Olia hair coloring to anyone looking to delve into coloring their hair for the first time. It’s super easy to use for first time dyers, and leaves your hair feeling amazing afterwards. You won’t regret it!


Ashley Pastore

Monmouth '22

Hi! My name is Ashley Pastore, and I am a senior majoring in marine and environmental biology and policy, and minoring in information technology. I am a dog enthusiast, and love to go for hikes and try new food! Ask me anything about Harry Potter, I'm sure I'll know the answer!
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