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During winter break this year, one that took place during a pandemic I might add, I turned to Netflix, Disney Plus, and any other streaming service I could get my hands on for some relaxing entertainment. With most break activities limited due to the pandemic and quarantine, binge watching became a fun activity for me to pursue instead. Across multiple streaming services, here are my top 3 winter break binges!

1. Schitt’s Creek

Yes, I started watching it after it ended. Yes, it was because I saw it won a bunch of awards. But… can you blame me? Built on sarcastic humor and passive aggressive comments, the show’s premise is centered on a rich family moving to a town they own because they lose all their money. The catch? The town is as rural as they come. Overall, Eugene and Daniel Levy both produce and star in the show making it a hilarious yet heartwarming show. I definitely recommend for anyone looking for a different sort of comedy.

2. Star Wars Film Series

I am probably very late to this one, but over winter break I finally watched all nine Star Wars films. I was the type of person who never thought I would enjoy those types of movies, specifically sci-fi type films. However, there is WAY more to the films than just being another space movie. There is intense plot, heartbreak, inspiration, and many other important themes and storylines throughout. Even if you, too, thought you’d never be caught dead watching a Sar Wars film, I beg you to give them a go.

3. Big Mouth

This one will be a bit controversial to say the least. Probably one of the raunchiest shows to exist, Big Mouth encompasses a group of friends going through puberty and life changes as young adults. Although very explicit and crude for a cartoon, there are quite a few important lessons and messages that the show deals with, including LGBTQ+ issues and BLM. If you are the type of person who is into dirty humor and numerous pop culture references, I’d try this show out. Fair warning, however: It is definitely NOT for everyone.

Overall, I hope you can at least give one of these binges a go! They sure helped me survive winter break, so hopefully they can help you this following semester! ?

Ashley Pastore

Monmouth '22

Hi! My name is Ashley Pastore, and I am a senior majoring in marine and environmental biology and policy, and minoring in information technology. I am a dog enthusiast, and love to go for hikes and try new food! Ask me anything about Harry Potter, I'm sure I'll know the answer!
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