Mary Kay Stopped My PMS Acne

            The struggle that comes for about 4-7 days every month brings an onset of wonderful problems that make my life miserable. I can get through the bloating, the sickness, and the cramps so long as I have Advil always with me, but acne is not something that a few pain killers can magically make disappear. I have used some products in the past, but they dry out my skin or don’t really do the job their meant to.

            Recently, I tried the whole line-up of Mary Kay products to try and combat the PMS and main draw of the acne. I was completely astonished by the results.

            There were four products: cleanser, exfoliator, oil, and moisturizer.

            Since I use birth control, I knew that that week was coming up. I was a few pills away from the placebos. I knew that the onset of acne was soon to come so I needed to act quickly.

            I used the cleanser once a day followed by the moisturizing stick and a dab of oil. I used the exfoliator every other day.

            I have to really give props to Mary Kay for making some kick a** products. The thing I feared the most was something that did not even exist. I never even found a new pimple pop up. Granted, I have never had a completely clear face. I had some pimples on my cheek prior to starting the products. By the end of the week, my cheek looked a little like this:

            Naturally, there is still some redness and little remnants of where they were but the fact that they aren’t raised bumps with fluid flowing through them is completely astonishing. My face has never been clearer.


            I have always been plagued with those pesky bumps through my life since puberty. I guess I can say that I was lucky that I never had cystic acne or a full face of pimples, but whenever they came they were huge and visible. I have always had to cover up my Instagram photos with filters or odd angles and even then it was still visible.

September, 2019


February, 2019

            Now that I found a product that actually works that doesn’t dry out my skin, I won’t need to hide behind the black-and-white filter.