Little Mix LM5: Album Review

ATTENTION ALL: sit down with your headphones right now because you are in for a wild ride through the eyes of Little Mix. The vocally perfect harmonic girl group consisting of Jesy Nelson, Perrie Edwards, Leigh-Ann Pinnock and Jade Thirwall,  was formed on the British X Factor back in 2011, (all thanks to the genius man Simon Cowell) and have been together ever since.

Their fifth studio album, LM5, has just come out this past Friday. And we’re all dead. This is such an iconic moment; it’s important to go track-by-track to discuss this fresh, raw and creative album. It’s full of songs that will make you feel good, empowered and just down right sexy. If you’re searching for a pick me up, YOU HAVE FOUND IT.

1 - The National Manthem

Okay, first, the opening line, “She is a bad bitch" - love it. This short, sweet and sassy intro to the album is genuinely the best way to go into this album. It sets up exactly what you can expect from these girls this time around; sassiness, honesty and faithfulness to not only themselves, but to their fans as well. They’ve always been extremely open about things in their lives but something tells me with this album, they’ve ripped out their hearts and separated them into songs. These four strong and powerful women are the goddesses we need to pray to because damn, this album has killed us.

2 - Woman Like Me

This song is one that screams Girl Power and “I really don’t give a **** what you think about me. I’m me and that’s it.” The bumpin’ beat is one that automatically gives you the dancing-jitterbug. Once the chorus comes in, you’re up on your feet and just going for it. Queen Nicki Minaj’s verse is of course, always on point. They’re unapologetic in this song when discussing who they are because why the hell should they apologize for being themselves? If you can’t handle a woman like me, then bye-bye my friend.

3 - Think About Us

I found this song to be really, really interesting. By saying “I think about us” during all of these random moments during my day, you’re saying a lot and allowing yourself to be vulnerable. Call me dramatic or what, but that’s a make it or break it moment. This song is basically the girls saying, “Do you think about us too like I do all the time or is it just me?” and I think that resonates with a lot of people.

This song displays a small insecurity that every girl or guy has in the early stages of a relationship. The second that you’re alone together, it’s literally just a fire starting between the two of you but when you’re apart, you can’t help but wonder if they’re thinking the same. I find it incredibly interesting that they’ve taken an insecurity type of question and put it with a very upbeat sound, making it sound almost positive.

4 - Strip

I really do not have enough words to say about this song. If you need to feel good about yourself, put this song on. NOW. It just makes you want to strip down to your birthday suit and dance in the mirror, loving yourself and thriving. It is the definition of self love and not giving a single frying pan about what anyone else thinks but you. The simple chorus and it’s repetitive bass just does something to your body; it’s like Shakira has taken over your body. Embrace your little boobs, grab your big ass; rock it all girl! LOVE YOURSELF AND S T R I P.

5 - Monster in Me

Most of the songs until this point, have been all about loving yourself and being a boss ass bitch. So of course, the girls have to add in a gorgeous love song to spice it up. This song plays on the reality of love and life; we all have our bad sides and we get out of hand sometimes, but the person you belong with will love all of your sides, even your “monster” sides. “The monster in me loves the monster in you," how cute. As a single girl, I’ll brb, crying. This song plays on heaven and hell, creatures and monsters, spells and kisses; wrapping all together to show that yes, we’re all a little crazy and dangerous but there’s someone out there who loves our dark side.

Image Taken from Little Mix's Instagram

6 - Joan Of Arc

This is one of my favorite songs on the album for numerous reasons. Firstly, it will make you your own biggest fan. It’s all about loving yourself because you are a strong, independent woman who does not need a damn man! Single me is screaming, “HELL YES!” Secondly, can we talk about Jesy’s flawless vocals during the ICONIC chorus? Who told this woman she can sound so amazing while singing lyrics that I think they have be written just for me? This hit reminds us that we are fully capable of taking care of ourselves and can make our own decisions without needing a man behind us, “I don’t need a man, if I’m lovin’ you it’s cause I can.” (Just say it a little louder for the people in the back.)

7 - Love a Girl Right

The girls have taken inspiration from the famous “Thong Song” by Sisqo by sampling it in this song, though it’s a little different. This song has a true 90’s/early 2000’s feel and will bring you back to concealer color lipsticks, pigtails and puffy jackets. The girls stated in a recent interview with Billboard Magazine that they’ve “...always wanted to write a song that’s a message to our boyfriends: Treat my girl right otherwise I’m coming for you! We twisted the [original] song from being about women in thongs to a positive girl-power anthem, so we’re proud of that.” Sung from the perspective of the best friend giving advice to the boyfriend that is basically saying follow these simple things that the “girl” is looking for and man, if you don’t follow through and take the advice, you’re totally going to losing her love. Sucks to suck, dude.

8 - American Boy

I feel like the beginning of "American Boy" reminds me of a typical, 2010 pop boy-band song. It’s so bubble-gum-poppy but then changes slightly when Jessy comes in. The simple tune is kept but there’s more added to it, you can’t help but snap to it. The girls play on the honest feeling of jealousy in this one and the paranoia that it comes with. “I wanna know who’s on your phone, making me paranoid, making me bad...I wanna know if you’re at home, and if you’re at home, baby, are you alone?” These girls hit the nail on the head. And share the craziness of how paranoid girls feel at times in a very elegant way.

9 - Told You So

Call up your besties and dedicate this song to them; they're your number ones. It’s no secret that the girls of Little Mix have a pretty damn solid relationship with each other; they’re all best friends. This song displays how much they love each other, and how they will always have each other's backs and will always pick one another up after they’ve been tossed to the side by a guy.

This song describes best friends to a ‘T’ after a break up/bad experience with a guy. “Girl, just come round mine tonight, I’ve got wine and make-up wipes…” The chorus makes me feel nostalgic and reminds me of times with my own best friends when shit’s gone down and they’ve taken care of me, vice versa. The wine has been busted out (quite a few bottles to be exact) and make-up wipes to rid our faces of the ruined makeup from tears. Dedicate this to your besties and be grateful you’ve got them.

10 - Wasabi

First off, wowza. To the haters; “SPIT ME OUT LIKE HOT WASABI!” People will always have something to say about you, no matter what. If they love you, they talk. If they hate you, they talk. The stunning rock-ish sound of the guitar and drums at the end of the chorus mixed with Jesy’s sultry voice is just ugh. The chorus, what sounds like a simple poem, says so much. People will use you then drop you; they’ll use you till you’re dry and crushed then spit you out. But there’s an important lesson to learn; no matter what they’re saying, they’re still using your name. Keep focused on yourself because look where you’re headed baby, gossip is gossip, good or bad. They’re helping you climb the ladder.

11 - More Than Words ft. Kamille

When you first hear this song, there is no doubt you’ll think that they’re talking about a relationship. But really, it’s another promise to your best gal pals. “Won't forget when he broke my heart how you helped me through, you turned, you turned, you turned a disaster into a dream, gave me the power, made my life brand new.” This is why best friends are so important - they take the bad and help make it better. The vocals from Little Mix and Kamille are completely off the charts.

12 - Motivate

Well, if you have not been convinced that Little Mix does not care nor think about what the rest of the world thinks, this song will settle that case for you. While it is very easy for the song’s meaning and lyrics to go straight over your head without really paying close attention to what is being said, I highly recommend looking up the lyrics just to ya know, get in on it. The high and energic beat will make you want to dance and just go wild my friends, trust me. This song is all about being motivated by the person you’re most intimate with to be even more intimate with them because damn, “that’s my baby."

13 - Notice

Have you ever felt that the person you’re with just does not look at you the same anymore? They’ve lost that spark they had with you, the one that just makes your heart drop down, down, down…”What’s the point of wearing nothin’ if you never notice?” Normally, I’d say who cares about if people notice or not but in this case, I’m right behind them. If the person that you want so badly just isn’t paying attention to you anymore, what’s the point of dressin’ up or dressin’ down? Of course, an ultimatum is given and hey, if he’s not noticing, girl you best be out your way to find someone who will notice.

14 - The Cure

This is probably one of the songs on the album that I can relate the most to. This is a simple, soft and slow song that shows all that you need in life is you. When you’re feeling lost and hurt, work on you and only you. One of the major keys to life is finding self love and finding yourself. The last few repeats of the chorus in the song are just gorgeous; the girls voices mix so perfectly together to make you feel so light and free. This song is definitely one to add to your shower playlist, it’s full of great lines that were meant to be echoed.

15 - Forget You Not

Okay, this is the song dedicated to that one ex that you simply have not been able to get out of your mind. No matter what you do, where you go or who you’re with, they just will not escape. Don’t lie; you’re thinking of them right now. It’s alright, we all are doing the same exact thing. Yet again, Jesy’s sultry tone is what makes the chorus so down right perfect. Hearing a song like this honestly makes you feel like it’s normal and okay to be continuously haunted by an ex, but don’t go thinking that just because you’re thinking of them that means you have to go back to them. If you’re heading down that train of thought, go listen to their older track, “Shout Out To My Ex”.

16 - Woman’s World

Another true feminist jam that hits the nail right on the head. It covers things that women go through on a daily basis in such a delicate way, “If you never been told how you gotta be, what you gotta wear, how you gotta speak, if you never shouted to be heard, you ain’t lived in a woman’s world”. I can’t help but think that while the girls were recording this song and working on it, they truly just wanted to get out that every woman is going through the same thing. It’s one of those songs that was made to make you feel that you’re not alone through those moments.