Life from Another Perspective

Life is wild. It’s uncontrollable and truly something that can not be written, read or even assumed. You can’t think about where you’re going to be two years from now. A month from now. Or even, a week from now. Where you’re at right now in your own life, may only last another few days, another few weeks or another few months. The passion that you have right now in life could change and you can no longer feel that excitement that you once had for it. But, that’s nothing to fear. Change is nothing to ever fear.

I know I say it all the time but change really does add to you. It continues to reveal things about you that you may have not known before. Shifting just your perspective just a smidge could change everything in your life; it could realign you. And by saying “realign you”, I mean it could solidify seeing that you’re needed in the world.

Yeah, sometimes it sucks not feeling needed or losing the feeling of belonging or passion but we’re all on our own paths. While it’s hard to wrap your head around but, wherever you are with yourself right now is where you are meant to be in this given moment. Yeah, we can all get caught up in life and with the progression of everything; how quickly our days are passing and what we’re doing with them. Getting stuck in your own head about where you’re at in life when you see other people out there doing their thing could really trip you up. You fall deep down in the “comparison” hole and it’s a struggle to find a way out of it.  

While we’re all our own biggest critics, know that there is no competition that you’re in throughout life. You’re not in any kind of race so you shouldn’t be in any kind of rush trying to figure out “where you belong”. Sure life is short, it’s also incredibly time sensitive. Instead of spending time wrapped up in your own head about where you aren’t in the moment, spend it celebrating where you are. Each and every day is a stepping stone closer to who and where you are meant to be. Passions come and go but you will always remain you and that’s what matters the most.

Let life take you on its course without constantly asking, “are we there yet?” You will get there when you get there and you’ll be blown to pieces when you do. Each and every experience that you’re putting under your belt will further shape you and push you in the direction you’re meant to be in. Live in the moment, embrace what you have and stop thinking so hard about the future.