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Most dreaming happens during the REM stage of sleep. Three stages of sleep occur before REM and it takes about 90 minutes. The REM stage is when brain activity is the highest and the most intense dreams occur so the memories are the most vivid. I believe that different types of dreams do represent feelings that one is having while awake. Keeping a dream log can help us recognize different feelings we have that come from our unconscious. Here is a list of the most common types of dreams that I have had and what they could mean.

This could mean fear and anxiety or fear of losing something important in your life. This could also mean going through a change in your life, losing something that is necessary to move on, symbolizing different stages of life.

Drowning/ in a car
This is connected to feeling trapped, panicked and overwhelmed. Drowning in a car could symbolize feeling permanently trapped and not being able to help yourself.

Infidelity (Spouse cheating on you)
This may be a fear that you are not good enough or your partner is going to move on. Feeling insecure about yourself and what you can and cannot give to the other person.

Cheating on your partner
You may have feelings of guilt or something is holding you back. Could be feeling that one is not enough or one is being dishonest in the relationship.

Losing all of your hair
This could be a fear of losing control or feeling helpless. On the other hand, it could also be a feeling of something holding you down and finally wanting to let go.

Scavenger hunts
Quests and hunts represent looking for what you need in your life. Searching for that missing piece.

Repeating dream until task is done right
Repeating tasks means something in your waking life that you feel needs to be done correctly. Overthinking in your dream so when it’s done it’s done right. Or a conflict that has not been resolved yet.

Being replaced by someone else
You could be struggling with the feeling of being left out. This represents problems in your life that deal with your character and issues confronting yourself.

Taking a test
This may be a fear of failure or could represent a test that is coming up and a constant worry about the outcome.

Being kidnapped
You may be feeling trapped in a situation or place or having anxiety about something that you cannot control.

Getting on the wrong bus, train, or plane

This could be showing you alternative routes that can be taken in your life. Or on the other hand, showing you a mistake that could occur and allowing you to realize what is wrong.

Riding a rollercoaster

This represents the ups, downs, and sudden changes that have recently occurred in your life. These dreams reflect your emotions while going through these changes. Reactions and feelings in the dream are also meaningful.

Seeing an old friend/ someone you don’t talk to anymore

May be representing a feeling of reconnection or closure that is necessary. Usually your subconscious thinks about this person whether there’s an issue, hurt feelings or things left unsaid.


I am a junior Graphic Design major at Monmouth University. I love crafts, photography, traveling, and my dogs. :)
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