How to Save Money in 3 Easy Ways

Saving money is not always the easiest thing to do when you have a busy life and not much of an income yet. It could be very stressful but it is necessary and with these 3 easy steps, hopefully it will help become much easier for you!


Step 1: Save all of your change

Most of the time, people look over the simple loose change you receive. Usually it gets thrown in the bottom of your bag or the cup holder of your car, never to be used again. I am here to tell you that those little coins make a significant difference in your bank account. Of course it will take time to accumulate but once it does, you will be shocked at how much money you have saved. I empty my wallet every week and I put all of my change into a jar in my room. Once that jar is filled, I separate it and put it in coin rolls. Over the last six to seven months, I have saved almost $150.00. Trust me if you keep putting it all in a jar and forget about it, one day you will find a little treat!


Step 2: Save all your dollar bills

One day, I was venting to my best friend’s mom about how I really want to start saving more money and she taught me this little trick she has been doing since she was young. She told me to use cash as much as I could and save every single dollar bill you get and put it in the jar that you use for your loose change. You will not miss you dollar bills and when you really need some extra cash, it will be there. So far this is one of the best tips I have ever received!


Step 3: Open up a savings account

This may seem like common sense but I didn’t have one until a few years ago. I wish I opened a savings account sooner because I would have saved a ton of more money but unfortunately, I didn’t. I was the type of person to spend whatever I had because I really did not have any financial responsibilities but now it is completely different. I try to put at least 45% of every paycheck into my savings account and am very aware of what I am spending and what I am saving. By checking your bank account every day and saving as much money as possible, it makes you feel more aware and more responsible every day.

I cannot stress how important it is to save your money, especially now when you can. It really is such a good feeling when you see your savings account and gives you hope for the future when you actually have a career with a real income!