How to Properly Binge Watch TV

It’s a lazy Sunday afternoon, and you’re dealing with some serious Sunday Scaries. You’re not quite ready for a whole week of school and work, and you need something to take your mind off the stress that awaits you. So, what exactly should you do? Binge watch a series, of course! Here are a few necessary items to make sure you have on your next television marathon.

Choose What to Watch

Figuring out what to watch might be the hardest part of a binge watching session. Between shows on cable, premium channels, and all the different streaming services, there are just way too many options.

The best types of shows to binge watch are ones that have about two to four seasons that each contains at least 15 episodes each. This way there is enough material to keep you entertained without taking over your life for too long. Some of my favorite TV shows to binge watch include: Modern Family, Scandal and One Tree Hill.

Plan Accordingly

There’s nothing worse than getting absorbed in a television marathon and suddenly realizing you have a paper due at 8:30 a.m. tomorrow morning. In order to have a great TV binge watch session, one has to be truly relaxed. So, cancel all your plans for the day, check your syllabi to ensure there are no last-minute assignments, and make sure you’re not on the schedule to work that day.


Honestly, once you’ve started watching TV, you are probably not going to want to move for a while! Make sure you’ve stocked up all on the necessities, including items you don’t think you’ll need.  Have essentials such as snacks, water, comfy clothes and blankets. One important thing to make sure you have if you’re watching a sad show is a box of tissues. You can never be certain of how many tears you’ll cry while watching seasons of Grey’s Anatomy.

Binge watching TV can be a healthy habit if done in moderation. You probably should not lie in bed for days just watching TV, but limiting yourself to a long binge-watching session around once a month is a simple way to treat yo’ self!