How to Deal with Finals

I am a junior and I still struggle with finals. Not so much as taking an exam, because I’ve been doing that for a while, but the time management and all of the added stress beside just exams. In my opinion, I would rather take an exam than the countless presentations, projects, and papers that my major seems to love to give me. This semester I have a fix of both, classes with final exams and some classes with no exams, but a paper and presentation instead, which really translates to I’m stressed and overwhelmed more than I can say. I have found a few things that work through and hopefully they can work for you.


Make a list of what needs to be done:

I have a planner, notes on my desktop on my laptop and countless post it notes everywhere as well as notes in my phone. I have broken it down my what the assignment it is and when it is due. I do not recommend it, but because I am a a-one procrastinator and completely overwhelmed with work, it is also broken down by level of urgency, or closest due date. But seeing what I need to do, and for the most part, it is compiled all in one place, makes me a little less stressed because I know everything that I have to do.



Study Breaks:

I know sitting in the library for hours on end seems like the best idea to get everything you have to do done, but it will really just leave you frustrated and tired. Even if it seems like the most urgent assignment in the world, it is still important to take a break, and take care of yourself. Spending multiple hours working or studying until you are burned out will not result in doing better but cramming the night before has shown that students do worse. 


Take Care of Yourself

Eat. Sleep. Drink. It sounds so simple but can help to relieve stress but also make you feel better, more awake and like you have more energy. Taking a little time to eat and drink something and making sure you are sleeping can make a big difference on exams and even just regular work.



Most schools have activities and programs the week before finals and the week of. At my college, we have de-stress fest on reading day that is filled with coloring, puppies, free snacks, crafts and even massages. Even in the mist of all your studying going to some of these events might help to relieve some stress.


Do Your Best

Again, sounds so simple, but all the preparation will pay off. It sounds cliché and childlike but you can only do your best, and it will pay off in the end for you. You got this!


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