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The Horror of Holiday Visits: How to Deal with Annoying Family Members This Season

If you’re dreading the family visits of the holiday season, you are not alone. The one side of my family is filled with toxic personalities, and it can be really draining to be around them. The best solution to this would be not going at all. However, if you can’t get out of it, here are some tips on how to cope with the negative energy.

Lemon water

This may sound a little weird, but I always feel more relaxed when I drink some cold water with fresh lemon juice. It’s as if it cleanses anything bad from my body. If nothing else, water is always a better choice than soda -- the healthier you eat, the better you'll feel. 

Drink a little (not a lot)

Drinking a little bit of alcohol at nightmare family events is definitely not a bad idea. However, don’t over do it. A glass or two of wine can help you relax, but anything more can lead to you feeling sick, which will make everything worse than it was before. 

Master the smile and nod

If you can politely smile and nod, then you can zone out of all the cringe-worthy conversations. Is your grandma lecturing you on how you need to settle down and find a husband? Smile, nod, and be secretly thinking about climbing the corporate ladder instead. 

Don’t leave the side of your favorite cousin

We all have that one cousin who we can tolerate more than all the others. Who cares about looking clingy? Don’t leave that cousin’s side! Chances are, they’ll be happy that they have someone to help them get through the day, too. 

Focus on the presents

This is a little shallow, but I don’t care. When a family visit is a total torture session, sometimes the presents are the only bright side. You may be counting down the hours until you have to leave, but that check from your aunt will help ease the pain. 


No matter how difficult it may be to deal with your family, remember that there are plenty of people who can relate to the struggle. Don’t let anyone ruin your holiday – find your own ways to rise above the bullshit, babe!

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