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With just a little over 2 weeks to go until the holidays, the chaos of last-minute shopping has begun. You always say you’ll start early, and then its November, and suddenly it’s December, and then it’s the days leading up to the holidays and you have no idea what to buy. If this is the boat that you’re in, don’t worry! We’ve all been there. Hopefully this last-minute gift guide can help you out.

Before I start listing off items, here’s your year-in-advance-notice: shop on Black Friday and Cyber Monday! Walmart usually releases their ad for Black Friday a week or two in advance and Amazon has an option on their website to search for items on sale for these events, usually separated by category.

Even further, download the Honey Chrome extension. It’s free and pops up whenever there’s an item eligible for discounts or available for a lower price somewhere else. It even puts in a bunch of discount codes that they find so you don’t have to!

These resources and events are where you should get your big-ticket items like Keurig, recliner chairs, game systems, and more. You can still buy them now, they’ll just be more expensive.

Not only will these options save you money, but there are so many nice items perfect for your parents, grandparents, friends, significant others, and even your pets! Now, with all of those tips above, let’s get into the items that you can get last minute.


1. Soap sets

Much like my dad, I’m sure there are other dads and men out there that use the first body wash that they pick up in the supermarket. There are many places that sell “manly” soaps and even more online shops that package them up nicely for you! This is also good for the women in your lives. Find baskets that contain perfumes, soaps, and lotions.

2. Beard kits

Trouble growing a beard? Buy a beard oil gift package. Trouble maintaining a beard? Buy a trimmer.

3. Grill utensils

For the woman or man that likes to grill, buy utensils that might make it easier to get the job done. These kinds of utensils might include meat claws, or a sturdy grill cleaner.

4. Personalized items:

These items may include mugs, keychains, bags, and more. Put your face on something — it’ll be both cute and funny!

5. Skin care kit:

You can buy these pre-made or make it yourself. These usually have skin serums, face masks, lip masks, and lotions, but you can add whatever else this person might enjoy.

6. Candles and bath bombs:

Nothing says relaxing holiday like a nice bath bomb in a warm bath and a candle-lit bathroom.

7. Pajamas and other comfort items:

Fleece or cotton pajama sets are always nice to have. Comfy fleece, plush, and Sherpa blankets are great too! And if you’re feeling like a DIY, buy some chunky yarn and search how to make a chunky-yarn blanket!

8. Terrarium:

For all the plant lovers out there, buy mini or larger terrariums with some extra seeds so they can add as much as they’d like to it.

9. Puzzles, movies and card games:

These are the types of gifts that you can enjoy with them!

10. Jewelry:

A watch, earrings, bracelet, or necklace are sure to make someone’s holiday sparkle.

11. Gift cards:

For the picky shopper, or for the people you waited just a little too long to get a gift for.

12. Stocking Stuffers:

Candy, mini electronics (portable chargers, Nintendo games), socks, plush toys, chapstick and more are all sweet little gifts to find in a stocking!

Get to shopping! We’re so close to the holiday. And maybe plan ahead—you don’t want to miss the deals on the big stuff for next year. Although, a lot of these holiday items, specifically decorations, will go on sale at the season’s end. Don’t miss it!

Carrington is a junior Biology major with a concentration in Molecular and Cellular Physiology. She also has a minor in Spanish. Carrington is a dog lover, enjoys traveling, and hopes to one day become a doctor.
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