Her Campus Appreciation

It’s nearing the end of another semester (god bless), and I think it’s safe to say this summer break is highly needed, and well deserved for a lot of us. I personally think it’s extremely deserved for every single Her Campus writers and contributors. This post is an appreciation to every single one of you.


Reflecting back on when I started writing for Her Campus, not going to lie, I was actually nervous. I had just transferred into Monmouth and changed my major to journalism. I have been writing for years, writing anything I wanted, but what I wrote stayed in my journal, or random sheets of crumpled up lined paper with questionable sketches all over them. No one had ever read anything written by me, and I was content with that. My first published piece was filled with worry of judgment. I was so on the fence if I should put my writing out there. I instantly doubted myself until I got feedback from some of the other woman on HC.



I started going through the site and honestly, haven’t stopped. Every week, I don’t just go to my university’s page. HC is filled with so many talented and open woman, sharing struggles and life lessons and beauty tips and genuine love for writing. Internal emotions we all deal with are not off limits. Rachel Armstrong, Contributor from Auburn wrote a mental health piece on “How to deal with negativity.” Well-deserved equality among genders is discussed. Brianna Hernandez, Contributor from Miami wrote an empowerment article intertwining woman and money, “The Boss, Not Bossy.” The magnitude of our current political system is voiced. Savannah Martincic, Contributor of George Mason wrote a news piece on “Trump's Administration’s Transgender Military Ban is now in effect.”



This site is about recognizing woman and their talent. Their passion for not only writing, but their voice and being heard. I have wrote for HC now for a year. The other day, I brought up all of my published articles to print out and put in my portfolio. Call me a dork, but the sense of satisfaction I felt by seeing my name on a published piece is so awesome, I swear. I finally get to write what I want, with no limitations or boundaries, and am not afraid of judgment after it’s released. I get to be honest and right about the struggles of confidence or relationships. I get to nerd-out and go off on rants about my current favorite books or makeup trends. And I get to relate to other woman, reading what so many of us are thinking, learning things I was unaware of. HC is a platform that started thanks to three kick-ass, college woman, back in 2009. Now HC has over 4,000 millennial influencers, and I could not be more proud to be one of them.