GIFs That Sum of the Spring Semester

Can we talk about how the semester is mostly during the winter season, but yet it's called the Spring semester? No? 

Attending school in the northeast allows for the average seasonal change, but wow do the winters hit hard. Here's a list of GIFs to sum up the emotions of the Spring semester. 

  1. 1. The buildings are still cold

    Unfortunately, the buildings are not always warm enough when coming in from 15-degree weather. 

  2. 2. Trying to balance warmth with style is extremely hard.

    Do I wear that tank top with the big sweater or wear ten layers? I don't know, but I'm still cold. 

  3. 3. Eventually, the rooms heat up and you're sitting there like...

    Why is there no median to temperature?

  4. 4. Scraping frost and snow off from your car.

    I'm already late, please don't make me do an extra step. 

  5. 5. Universities do not know when to cancel and when not.

    Oh, there's two inches of snow? Let's cancel. 

    Oh, there is three feet of snow? You can make it to class. 

  6. 6. It's still cold for outside events in April. 

    I'll be shaking even if it's 50 degrees.

  7. 7. It isn't hot out again until finals week. 

    All my time is dedicated to the library and the classroom.