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This is a letter written to a girl named Julie who recently lost all self-love and was broken for a while. The letter is written from the perspective of her younger self who watched her fall apart. She tells her that she misses her and that it’s time to come home.

Today, it is common to see girls shame themselves and lose self-love, whether it be because of their experiences or surroundings. To all my princesses reading this, you are worthy, you are loved, and you are capable of becoming a queen. No matter your battles, you will always find a way back home, princess, I promise.


Dear Princess Julie,

It’s time to come home. I know you’re special and deserve vacations here and there, but you’ve been gone for a little too long now. You left months ago, but I haven’t forgotten that you left. I’ve been waiting for you. The last time we spoke you told me that your heart had been broken. Not by a boy, not by a girl, but by yourself. I could not understand that at first, but now I do. I’m sorry that happened, but it’s okay, Princess. I’m ready to welcome you back home. I’m sorry I tried rushing your arrival. I’m sorry for thinking that it was going to be easy. I didn’t understand the immense pain someone could feel in the ways you did. All I wanted was to get you back as soon as I could, but I didn’t know it would take more time.

But now I do. And I’ve been watching you, my dear. I’ve seen your baby steps. You may not think that they mean anything right now, but I promise they will mean something, something special. You will love yourself again. You will smile again. You will be happy. You will know you’re enough. Most importantly, you will be you again, and I will be here the whole time.

If you have to go on “vacation” again and work on yourself, I will acknowledge that. I will wait, and I will do so patiently this time. I want you to know that what happened to you is okay. The feelings you had are okay. The self-doubt and insecurities you had are okay. That’s all in the past now. All your tears made you stronger and you’ve come a very long way.

For every princess that breaks, cries, and falls, there is a queen that comes out of it all. You are learning and growing, and I am beyond proud of you. You’re no longer who you used to be. Just as you were your hardest critic, you will be your number one supporter and life will be your teacher. Take care of yourself, love yourself, and don’t forget to put that crown back on your head where it belongs. I can’t wait to meet the queen, but take your time princess.


Little Julie


Jacqueline Aquino is an Education and Mathematics major at Monmouth University. She loves to express her thoughts and feelings through her writing, so joining Her Campus was an amazing opportunity and she looks forward to writing many articles!
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