Dating My Best Friend

If you had told me in high school that I’d be in a stable and happy relationship by the time I entered college, I would’ve thought you were crazy. All throughout my high school career, I was skeptical about the dating scene and thought that I would be deprived of it for a very, very, VERY long time. I wasn’t exactly popular, nor was I the girl everyone was dying to date. I was under the impression that I would grow up to become the crazy cat lady everyone always joked about.

Boy, was I wrong. Come the end of my senior year, through mutual friends I was able to meet my current boyfriend. As cliche as it sounds, we started off as “just friends”, who just so happened to talk to one another almost every day after we met. I felt as though I could tell him anything, despite only meeting him shortly before. It was like one of those instances where you and someone else are so similar that it felt as though you were talking to yourself.

We hung out multiple times shortly after we met, and seemed to just hit it off. He was quickly becoming one of my closest friends who I felt that I could trust with just about anything. We started dating soon thereafter, and have been dating for a year and a half now.

I feel as though a lot of times, especially in my high school and college, I see many people dating other people just so that they can say they have a significant other. I feel as though something like that is pointless. If you don’t have some sort of connection, why are you really dating them? As opposed to just dating someone for fun, dating my best friend has been a rewarding and meaningful experience. Because we were such good friends before we started dating, being with him is like getting to spend a large portion of my life with someone who I trust and have fun with the most. 

I wanted to share this experience simply because I thought something like this would never happen to me, much like I’m sure many other girls feel at some point in their life. I was hopeless for the longest time, always complaining about how badly I wanted a boyfriend. My advice is to be patient, because I waited 18 years for my first date, my first boyfriend, and my first kiss. My dating life came out of the blue unexpectedly, but it sure was worth it. Good things truly come to those who wait.