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All the Bright Places is written by Jennifer Niven and is about two characters, Violet Markey Theodore Finch. Immediately in the beginning it is brought to the readers’ attention that Violet’s sister died in a car crash and she is struggling to try to cope with it. We find her at the top at the school bell tower debating on jumping. Theodore Finch finds her up there and convinces her to get down. Theodore also struggles with suicidal thoughts and depression as well as a hard home life. They end up becoming geography partners for a school project. This requires them to travel throughout the state and find wonders in places that are unknown. We learn a lot from each of the characters and the impact that they have on one another. While the first half of the book is sweet, they form a connection and seem to start to fall for each other, that’s where it takes a turn. Theodore brings Violet out of her comfort zone facing her fear of cars again, which sends her into a state of wanting live again. While Theodore becomes more depressed because he realizes he will never be that way. All the Bright Places is written from each of the characters points of view which allows the reader to grow attached to these characters. In the end, instead of Violet trying to improve herself, she attempts to help Theodore improve and love his life again.

I will not give spoilers so you must go out and buy the book. I could not put this book down and I finished it in four days. And even though it is considered a young adult read, I highly recommend. To this day it is one of my favorite books.


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