Beach Side Living

The beach is my happy place. Yes, I know I sound like most everyone on the planet, but since I was born, my parents have been going to Cape May beaches every single summer. It is a part of me, it is like a second home and is my favorite place on Earth. I’ve been going to college on the beach for the past two years, but this year my dorm apartment is right on the beach. Every single morning, I walk out my front door and I see the glistening sun off the water. It is truly the best and it starts my day off right.

            I have not taken advantage of the beach a lot in the past two years but living right next to it so far has proven some late-night adventures and walks along the boardwalk and even on the sand. Although it is starting to get a little chilly, a sweatshirt and some leggings work to take a late afternoon walk. The water isn’t even that cold yet and all the locals say that September is the best time to go to the beach since all the tourists are gone.

            The Jersey Shore already has the best beaches but being able to live right next to the beach while being in college make all the coursework a little more bearable. Taking breaks from readings and papers now include walking along the beach or even going out my front door for 10 minutes and just breathing in the ocean air and looking at the waves are some of the best parts of my day.

             I know most colleges aren’t on the beach, so I consider myself lucky that I can go to school right near the shore. Although I will probably be kicking myself for not taking more advantage of the beach in the past two years, my goal for this year is to benefit the most of beach as much as I can.