5 of My Go-To Hairstyles for the Summer

I consider myself lucky because, thankfully, I do not have to wash my hair every day or even every other day. I can go at least 5-7 days without washing my hair if I do my everyday routine. However, summer is a little trickier because you have to add the beach, the pool, and sweat into consideration when you are making your hair washing schedule (yes, that’s a thing).

In the summer I strive for very natural looks with both my hair and my makeup to let my tan do all of the talking. Listed below are my 5 go-to hairstyles for the Spring/Summer.

1. All Nat-ur-al 

I do not have straight hair and I do not have curly hair and I do not have wavy hair; I know impossible. I have a mix between all three, which makes things really difficult to just get out of the shower and go. In the summer, I normally blow dry my hair really fast and then throw some product in it to make it looks a little messy and not done. I tend to like this look if I am just hanging at one of my friends house or especially down the shore where anything goes! It is just easy and I like the messy look of it.

2. Headbands, bandanas, or even a hat

Most of the time, I curl my hair in the beginning of the week and it stays really nice for the entire week (I know, I am lucky). So, to make my hair extra cute and fun I always stock up on headbands or bandanas to add an accessory to my look throughout the week. I like my hair out of my face so this is a great way to look trendy and achieve that. I also really like when girls where their hair up and add a pretty headband!

3. Half up, Half down

Another way to spice up my 4 day old curls is to do a really high half up, half down ponytail. The height makes it look fun (I call it a party-pony) and it makes it look fresh. I do this all year long but during the summer months, this looks extra good and makes you glow even more.

4. Ponytail or Bun

During those extra hot days in the sun, on the beach, or even at night, I love a good bun in my hair. I tend to stick to the ballerina bun because I do those the best on myself but once in a blue moon when all of my stars align, I get an amazing messy bun which I absolutely die for.

5. Braids

Some people think braids are so childish but I don’t agree AT ALL. I love boxer braids for when I go to the beach or right after the shower when I have no time. They make you look young, cool, and trendy. I also love to do either a few braids on top of my head leading to a half up, half down look or a messy braid to the side, which always compliments any summer outfit.


If you have not tried any of my easy go-to hairstyles yet, I hope you do! This summer I will be strictly wearing one of these hairstyles every day because they take almost no time to do and you are left with an effortless look.