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5 Childhood Movies You Need to Re-Watch Right Now

1.  Big Fat Liar

We’re going to start with one of my favorite movies ever made. It was fantastically funny in 2002, and it’s just as quotable now. This movie has a dream 2000s cast of Frankie Muniz, Amanda Bynes, and Paul Giamatti.

Plot refresher: Jason, a fourteen-year-old pathological liar, has his story stolen by a crazy movie producer, Marty Wolf. Jason then hops on a plane to Los Angeles with his BFF Kaylee to get revenge and prove that he is finally telling the truth. The most legendary moment is when they dye Marty’s skin blue. 

Where to Watch It: Amazon Prime Video

2.  Daddy Day Care

Daddy Day Care is such a cute movie. Eddie Murphy is super funny in his role as a new stay-at-home dad. He starts his own day care with two of his friends, and the antics that ensue are inevitable. The carrot and broccoli costume? The little kid who dresses like Flash? Classic components of an awesome movie.

Where to Watch It: Hulu

3.  New York Minute

I just watched this for this first time in about 10 years, and I can confirm that it’s just as wonderful as I remembered it. Mary-Kate and Ashley play Roxy and Jane, twins who spend a day in NYC trying to run from a criminal and a truancy officer.

In the process, they make a cameo in a Simple Plan music video, Roxy falls in love with Dean from Gilmore Girls, and their bond as sisters becomes stronger than ever. It’s a feel-good film that reminds me why I was obsessed with the Olsen twins for my entire childhood.

Where to Watch It: Netflix

4.  The Perfect Man

There are so many Hilary Duff movies that could make it to this list, but this one is so underrated and deserves some more love. More than anything, it’s about a single mom forming a better relationship with her daughters, and it’s really heartwarming. It also proves that the perfect man can really exist. 

Where to Watch It: Amazon Prime Video

5.  Cheaper By The Dozen

We’ll wrap up this list with another Hilary Duff movie because she was 99% of my childhood. I’ve seen this movie a million times, and I still get emo over Mark’s character every time. Gingers are always so misunderstood.

If you’ve somehow never seen this movie, it features a family with 12 kids and Steve Martin is their father. Ashton Kutcher’s character is everything. It’s adorable and funny, and it’s way better than the sequel.

Where to Watch It: Amazon Prime Video


Netflix and nostalgia? Yes please. Find a day soon to watch your favorite throwbacks and be transported back to a simpler time!

Jenna Puglisi

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Jenna founded Monmouth's chapter with her co-correspondent and BFF, Christi. Jenna is a senior at Monmouth, studying English with a minor in Public Relations. Her greatest love is writing, which she practices through journalism, poetry, and a personal blog at https://jennapug.com/. When she isn’t writing, you can find her wandering around bookstores, dancing at concerts, and drinking obscene amounts of coffee.
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