The 5 Best Types of Christmas Cookies

Back at home, my mom started baking Christmas cookies as soon as December hit. She said her mom would start sometimes even before Thanksgiving, making over 15 different types of cookies then freezing them for Christmas. My mom loves to bake and even with the many different allergies and intolerances that my family has, she always seems to find a way to make something for everyone. These are her 5 best types of cookies that everyone should get the recipe to; they’re just that good.

Classic Chocolate Chip

No one can go wrong with a classic chocolate chip cookie. My mom bakes with mini chocolate chips and I just think they taste better. She finds a way to bake them just right to make them soft inside, but the dough is always better.

Oatmeal Scotchies

My dad was actually the one to find this recipe and has baked them for countless soccer games, bake sales and theatre events. Found on the back of the Nestle Toll House Butterscotch Chip bag, these soft, gooey oatmeal cookies with butterscotch chips are one of my favorite cookies to have during the holidays.

Jam Thumbprint

It looks like someone put their thumb in the middle of a sugar cookie and then put jelly inside, but that’s not actually how it goes. My grandma’s favorite is the raspberry jam ones, which is under a quick drizzle of glaze my mom makes. She uses three different types of jam and they are one of my family’s favorites.

Cut Out Sugar

The classic Christmas cookie, with the cookies cut in various Christmas symbols like trees, stockings and reindeer. My siblings and I love to decorate them with different colors of icing and sprinkles. We always had an “ugly” cookie that had all of the sprinkles from the tray we were using dumped onto one frosted cookie.

White Chocolate Cranberry

My mom just started making these and they have quickly became my brothers favorite. My dad and brother really love white chocolate so thankfully, when paired with cranberry, it’s really just amazing.


Christmas in my house is one filled with lots of happiness and lots and lots of baking. Our entire family gets involved whether it is decorating or making dough. I have a lot of memories of baking cookies for Christmas and it is definitely one of my favorite traditions.