3 Reasons Eyelash Extensions are a Must-Have for Every College Student

As a beauty lover, I’m willing to try everything cosmetic related once. Trends including ombre hair, glitter eye makeup and eyebrow threading have all graced my appearance at some point in life. So obviously when given the opportunity to check out eyelash extensions, I was thrilled! Here are a couple of my favorite perks related to my new lashes.

1. Saves Time in the Morning

Gone are the days of waking up at 7 AM to apply makeup before work or school! With my eyelash extensions, I only need five minutes in the morning to put foundation on and head out the door. On the days I’m running late and skip makeup completely, I still feel put together and confident, thanks to my lashes! Those extra minutes of beauty sleep in the morning really add up and impact my day.

2. The Calming Process

As a college student, finding time to relax can be more difficult than some of my 100 level classes. However, booking my eyelash extension appointment gave me an excuse to finally take some much needed me-time! The ambiance at Amazing Lash Studio in Sea Girt was extremely fitting to their name– amazing. The music playing was soothing, my esthetician was friendly, and I even found myself dozing off for a little bit! The procedure was definitely a welcomed break in my busy day.

3. They Look AMAZING!

The obvious reason behind any beauty decision is to look good, which will also make you feel good! From my first look in the mirror after finalizing my eyelash extension appointment, I instantly loved the look of these lashes. My eyelash extensions are voluminous, fun and just straight-up pretty. Also, everyone I’ve seen lately has commented on how great my eyelashes look, which is a welcomed extra boost of confidence! The effortless level of glamour they provide are worth every penny.

Still wondering if eyelash extensions are right for you? I say give it a chance. You never know, it could be your next favorite trend!