10 Things Hannah Montana Songs Taught Us That Are Actually True

My childhood consisted of a lot of obsessions and dreams, big dreams. As a seven year old girl watching a show about a popstar who lived a double life as said popstar and an average teen, how can one not have big dreams? Most of the lyrics and true meanings she sang went right over our heads, let’s be real. Sure, we understood the basis of all of it but really, we didn’t know what the heck this chick was actually talking about in a lot of cases. And who woulda guessed the girl with the blonde wig was actually telling us very important pieces of information! You’re most definitely in luck because I’ve compiled ten things that Hannah Montana has subtly taught us through her music.

1. “Cause you control the game, so let them know your name” - Who Said

Dude, you are in control of your life, total control. Speak your peace and your passions loud and proud to make sure people know who you are because you are worth knowing and remembering. Take the reins of your world into your hands and steer yourself in the direction you want to go in, just like Miley did when she chose to keep both sides of her life going; Hannah and Miley.

2. Just Like You

This entire song was epic when I was younger because hearing that someone you look up to say that they’re just like you is quite unbelievable. Looking back on it now, it’s really just a reminder that celebrities and people that we think or see as “higher up” are also really just human like us. It’s crazy how what she sings in the song could be applied to today though in the age of social media. What we see on a person’s platform “is only half the story," it’s what they allow us to see and what they choose to let us see. In reality, “underneath it all” we’re all the same going through the same things in life.

3. “I learned from you that I do not crumble, I learned that strength is something you choose” - I Learned from You

These lyrics specifically just speak volumes. There are a few things to take a look at here... first, having someone to teach you things about life, especially about holding on and continuing to stay strong, is so important. I’d say it’s almost imperative to have someone in your life to look up to, whether it be someone you know personally or someone you know from the media. Having a role model or mentor, as you may say, helps you learn about life through their eyes.

Yes, you learn the most through experience (hands down!) but taking a few pointers from someone who potentially has already been where you are doesn’t hurt. Another big thing to take away is the truth in what she’s saying; strength is something you choose. You choose what breaks you and what makes you, what builds you up and what tears you down. Do not allow life to crumble you, you’re stronger than that.

4. Nobody’s Perfect

Do we all not just love this song! The entirety of this song teaches a lot and gets right to the point; “Everybody makes mistakes, everybody has those days” - HELL YES WE ALL DO! People sometimes forget that we pose things and frame it all to be picture perfect for the rest of the world to see. We decide what to post and what to share to the rest of the world, we paint the picture that represents us best. “Why be so hard on myself?” is a question I ask myself all the time, just like I’m sure you do. We are our own biggest critic because we see ourselves the most and we also know ourselves too well. But real talk, “nobody’s perfect” babe, “you live and you learn it!”

5. “Should read a book cover to cover and not be so quick to judge.” - Old Blue Jeans

Okay, Hannah snapped. We’ve all been quick to judge a person, whether it was based on rumors we’ve heard through the grapevines or just on their appearance. This is a lesson we should learn very early on in life because as kids, we just accept people for who they are and allow that to make the decision on whether or not we “like them." Once we’re older and gossiping becomes more evident, it’s harder to keep things so crystal clear. But just like Hannah says, we “should read a book cover to cover” and get to know people more, “not be so quick to judge." Human interaction and connection is an amazing thing, go out there and find someone to read.

6. Life’s What You Make It

I say this all the time; life is literally what YOU make it. You are in control of your life, you steer yourself in the direction you want to go in, you are the one who can take what is offered to you and run with it. I get it, there are a lot of people not in the position to do so but this is all about perspective. Whether you’re being offered to cover a shift at work, a trip across the country or a job in a far off place, you are in control of what goes on from there. Take risks, “just take a situation and turn it all around." Perspective people, P E R S P E C T I V E.  

7. “Maybe I will never be who I was before, maybe I don’t even know her anymore or maybe who I am today ain’t so far from yesterday” - Every Part of Me

Our past shapes us, this we all know, right? The experiences that we go through and people we come across along the way have helped create exactly who we are at this very given moment which can change in the next. Changing along the way in life is a beautiful thing that we should embrace, not fear. Our core foundation stays the same but over time, our values and/or views on things may change. It’s an amazing thing to reflect back on your past and see how far you’ve come, how you’ve changed and grown. Maybe who you were yesterday is someone completely different and maybe you don’t know that version of you anymore, but who’s to say that the you that you are now isn’t so far gone from the you yesterday.

8. “You can change your hair, you can change your clothes, you can change your mind that’s just the way it goes, you can say goodbye and you can say hello, but you’ll always find your way back home” - You’ll Always Find Your Way Back Home

You’re probably singing along to that in your head right now. (Don’t deny it, I know you are.) Change is inevitable, we know this. Nothing is at all permanent, except for what you call home. I don’t even want to say “what” you call home because it may not even be a “what”, it could be a “who." The definition of home differs for us all and so do the things that we alter in our lives. No matter what you change or do differently in life, you’ll always have a place or people to call home. Those that are there for you through thick and thin, through rough waters and horrid storms to see the rainbow shine through the next day. You’ll always find your way back to them and back to the place you call home, despite anything.

9. “Yesterday’s gone. We gotta keep moving on.” - I’ll Always Remember You

This is so sad when you think about the context of this song... the last season of Hannah Montana. Don’t mind me shedding my tears... do not live in the past, it’s come and gone, girl. Just as she’s moving on to he next chapter of her life, you’ve gotta do the same! It’s so easy to get stuck and dwell on the past, especially with social media and our smart phones always showing us what we were doing a year ago, two years ago and so on. Instead of focusing on that, think of the memories that you’ll be making today. Stay in the moment, the here and now.

10. The Climb

I will not lie, I still very much tear up at this song. Little Sam had absolutely no idea of what this song would mean to her as she sang it on Disney’s Sing It wii game...Life is full of mountains that will stand in front of you with your dreams and aspirations on the other side. Your first thought is to just take it and move it, go around it and find a plan B rather than just taking it on; we look for the easy way out, it’s normal! But here’s a secret, your journey towards your goals, your dreams and your aspirations is what means the most. It shows your passion, who you are and what you’re willing to do to get what you want. All of your mistakes and sometimes failures, will help fuel you to get to it all even better and stronger than how you once started. “Keep your faith” and keep on moving for “life’s a climb, but the view is great.”