Why You Need to Add "Las Vegas" to Your Bucket List!

When someone says "Las Vegas," what comes to mind?

Perhaps the Las Vegas Strip? Or do you first think about the movie "The Hangover" and all its craziness?

Most people have the same general thoughts when they hear Las Vegas. Especially for those who have never visited Las Vegas, this city may seem like it's party central. But there is much more to Las Vegas than what meets the eye. I will point out 3 reasons, why you should consider visiting Las Vegas at least once in your lifetime.

1) Hotels/Casinos

How can one resist entering the Las Vegas Strip that consists of bright neon lights, and luxurious hotels and casinos? In Las Vegas, there are about 76 hotels/casinos, and about half of them are directly on the Las Vegas Strip. People from all over the world come to visit Las Vegas, and majority will stay at one of the many hotels/casinos on the strip.

Some iconic hotel/casinos in the Las Vegas Strip are the Bellagio, the Stratosphere, and the most recent, City Center. The Bellagio is known for its "dancing fountain/dancing water." Outside of its building is a body of water that has linked fountains that "dance" to different songs every 30 minutes. The Stratosphere is known for being the tallest freestanding observation tower in the United States, standing at 1,149 ft high. The Stratosphere is also known for its thrilling rides at the absolute top, and its program to be able to bungee jump off the top of the building. As for City Center, it is one of the recent additions, opening in 2009, and it is known for being absolutely luxurious and futuristic. City Center consists of 3 other hotel/casinos and building filled with famous brand stores. These buildings would circle around a color-changing fountain, and the valet wraps around that; so it's common to see expensive cars rolling in. City Center was designed to look more like a sculpture rather than the usual casino look. It's filled with sculptures, like giant playing cards spilling out from the poker tables. 

2) Museums

There are more things than just the Las Vegas Strip, including interesting museums.

In the Luxor hotel/casino, there lies the Bodies and the Titanic museums. For all the medical students, or anyone interested in the anatomy of the human body, the Bodies museum is a great place to go. The Bodies museum displays preserved full bodies and parts of actual bodies. The Titanic museum, contains many saved artifacts from the actual Titanic. This includes the stairway from the Titanic, which was very similar to the one that Jack and Rose were on in the movie, "Titanic."

Other museum that can be found in Las Vegas are: the Mob museum, which is filled with pictures as well as artifacts from mobsters back in the day; the Neon museum, which is a lot that is filled with all the old neon signs from previous casinos that gets turned back on at night; and the Hall of Pinballs which contains over 200 vintage pinball machines.

3) Food

Las Vegas is known for their 24-hour international buffets, but you probably didn't know that Las Vegas has a Buffet of Buffets wristband pass. For $59.99, you can purchase a wristband that allows you to eat at 6 exquisite buffets for 24 hours, (all you can eat!) For one whole day, you can visit any of the 6 buffets and eat all you want. Great idea for the ultimate cheat day. 

Besides that, there is also the Level 107 Lounge which is located 107th level of the Stratosphere. It's an elegant and classy restaurant that allows you to look at Las Vegas from way up high as you enjoy a romantic dinner. The best part is that it slowly rotates, so in one sitting you get a full 360 degree view of Las Vegas. 

If you're not into something classy or if the Buffet of Buffets is just too much for you, then the Heart Attack Grill is another interesting place to eat (if not, at least take a quick peek) in Las Vegas. The Heart Attack Grill is a burger joint that serves ridiculously huge burgers, burgers that go up to 10-12 patties high. The Heart Attack Grill is also hospital themed and the waitresses and waiters are dressed as nurses. One interesting fact about the Heart Attack Grill is that if you are over 350 pounds, you get to eat for free.

Although this is definitely not all there is in Las Vegas, these were just some of the attention-getting places that may interest you enough to visit Las Vegas. Las Vegas is not just party central, nor is it only focused on its huge gambling industry. Las Vegas can be a perfect getaway, or at least a perfect stress-reliever! Over 41 million people visit each year, so why not visit and see what's so great about Las Vegas?

Viva Las Vegas!