Why We Are All Disney Princesses

As children, we all idolized Disney princesses as the pinnacle of what we would become one day. As college students, a lot of us still idolize our beloved Disney idols- but, as we watch new princesses join the ranks, it's becoming more and more apparent that they are just like us. 

You wake up in the morning wishing you slept as long as Aurora. 

But you get up anyway and start brushing you hair to get as perfect as Jasmine. 


You probably put a little twist on your look just like Mulan. 

No matter how early you get up, you're always running to class like Pocahontas. 

On most days when you get to class, you want to run away like Snow White. 

But on other days you shrug it out like Tiana. 

When your professor asks if you understand you act like Ariel- but you really don't understand.  


Your professor neglected to give your 3 hour class a break, so when it's over you fly out of there like Tink. 

When you talk to your friends, they ask you what happened to the cute guy you were talking to and you respond like Nani. 

You try to take care of all your responsibilities but get tangled up like Rapunzel. 

You overhear your friend saying a project is due tonight and you get angry like Alice, but then you realize it's not due for another two weeks, so you get sweet again.

When your professor sees you in the library, you have to pretend to know what you're doing like Belle. 


When you get home, sometimes you're just so done you want to be alone like Merida. 


But once the end of the day finally comes, you run away from your responsibilities and go to sleep like Cinderella.