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(WARNING! I am going to be quoting Dashie and referencing a lot of his videos in this feature, so if you don’t understand me…go watch his videos after you read this, then come back and read this again).


WHADDUPP!? IT’S KEYSHAWN! AND WELCOME TO, HERCAMPUS FEATURE ARTICE ABOUT, DASHIE! HASHIE! SMASHIE! I know who I want to smashie- OK STOP! If you recognized that intro congratulations, you’re awesome! But, if you didn’t I’m guessing you’ve been living under a rock for the past couple of years, so allow me to inform you. That intro belongs to a popular YouTuber, who rose to fame relatively quickly due to his high energy, hilarious gameplay commentary, comedy skits, and potty mouth. He’s amassed millions of fans on YouTube from around the world and is always sure to give thanks to them, SO WITHOUT FURTHER ADO (starts running in place) LET’S TALK ABOUT DASHIE!!!


Hailing from the Dominican Republic, Charlie Guzman better known by his Youtube name of Dashie moved from the Dominican Republic to Florida at the age of 8 along with his sister. He started Youtube in March 2006 with a channel simply named “Dashie” however, he abandoned this page in that he stated was only for “random ass videos” he then created three other channels, “DashieXP” a channel dedicated to Dashie’s comedy skits, collaborations with other Youtubers, and his cartoons about he and his roommate Dennis’ many adventures, one of his most popular and one of my personal favorites is his “Ghetto Chef” segments (yes you read that correctly a ghetto chef is about to teach you  how to season your food and make some bomb a** dishes) here a free styling, loud mouthed, energetic, ghetto culinary Dashie uses insane ingredients to cook, for example, how many of you have ever heard of “cereal pizza?” I bet the answer is none, well that’s because Dashie created it and it looked, goooodddderrr than a-ok STOP! “DashieXP2” is his vlogging, and bloopers channel, here Dashie takes his viewers with him wherever he goes whether it’s to a convention, hanging out with friends or a personal favorite his mail opening videos (if you’ve seen Dashie open mail you’ll know why this can be very exciting), and finally his most popular channel “DashieGames” here Dashie plays a wide variety of games and provides hilarious commentary throughout it all, he even does polls to allow his fans to pick which games he may play that day, currently one of Dashie’s most popular gameplays is Super Mario Maker, this game is not only good for getting funny reactions and rage moments from Dashie, but has also proven to be a great interactive between him and his audience since it’s the game where we “make him levels, tweet’em to him, and he RAGES THE F**K OUT!” Dashie’s creativity, hilarious commentary, and high energy has made him a beloved Youtuber to all.

Dashie’s 3 channels combined have amassed over 6 million subscribers! With his gaming channel having 3,388,530, his comedy skits and cartoon channel having 2,143,043, and his vlogging channel having 973,379, for a grand total of 6,504,952 subscribers! Dashie has been able to amass this large amount of subscribers due a few key defining features that have led to his success over the years, first off his energy, Dashie is known for having a lot of energy in his videos so much so that his current intro includes him running in place, if you watch Dashie’s comedy skits you’ll find that he will either, start dancing or freestyling (rapping) whenever one of his games has nice beat to it, if one of his games makes him rage he’ll throw his headphones or something in the air out of frustration, or in his comedy skits if he’s running he’ll often do cartwheels or backflips and stick them perfectly (despite his size, just kidding, you’re awesome Dashie)! Secondly, and this is kind of a warning to younger viewers, Dashie curses A LOT and I don’t mean like an F-bomb here and an S-word here, I mean every other word out his mouth is a curse! For Dashie the S-word can mean a wide variety of things, rocks, trees, water, table, donuts, chicken, juice, Red Bull, anything. Third and final Dashie is LOUD, he’s the type of YouTuber with whom you should always have your headphones down to about 2 and you’ll still be able to hear him, if you don’t believe me here is a funny story, I was watching one of Dashie’s cartoons one night when I was home from school, he was getting a little loud so I turned the volume down a bit and fell asleep, unfortunately I forgot how loud Dashie can be and he screamed in the video and it caused me to jump out of my sleep and fall off of my bed, and when I looked to see what the volume was, I discovered it was at 3, so let that be a warning to all you headphone users, Dashie is LOUD! But his dancing, freestyling, profanity, and volume is all apart of what makes him a great YouTuber and my personal favorite, no matter what Dashie posts I always give it a thumbs up because his videos always make my day and I’m sure they will make your day too, so even if gameplays and comedy skits aren’t your thing, still check him out, you’ll probably find something you like, and if Dashie if you’re reading this I love you and your videos no pauses on that and keep doing what you doing and stay who you are, and so, “ALRIGHT Y’ALL! Imma see ya’ll next week! Thumbs up! (Or in this case just read it and tell friends) Holla at ya boy! *Sticks tongue out over and over* YEAH!!!”


DashieXP: https://www.youtube.com/user/DashieXP

DashieGames: https://www.youtube.com/user/DashieGames

DashieXP2: https://www.youtube.com/user/DashieXP2


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