Top 5 Places to Eat Off Campus

Sometimes your just tired of staring at the same four walls: studying, hanging out, talking- and eating- at the same place all day can get pretty dull. Here are 10 awesome places to visit off campus to get your night going! 

1. Press 195

Awesome panini and belgian fries are what this small spot is known for in the heart of RVC. With over 100 crazy panini creations (and even heart-shaped ones), even the pickiest eater will find something awesome.


2. Holy Cow RVC

A brand new burger place on the block, Holy Cow offers classic burgers, fries, and amazing milkshakes. Two big recommendations from those who frequent there are the Nutella milkshake and the steak burger. Filling and affordable, this isn't a place to miss!


3. PieCraft Pizza Bar

A little bit more of a trek for our Lions, but certainly not a spot to miss! PieCraft is located in Island Park and it is like the Chipotle of pizza! The location boasts making your own personal pizza your way, choosing everything from the crust, to the sauce, to what you want to throw on top. If you're getting tired of just getting a "regular slice" all the time, spice up your pizza nights here!

4. Tum Thai Cuisine

Located on a popular corner near the movie theater in Rockville Centre, Tum Thai stands out with its interesting and modern decor and it's great noodles! If you're feeling something different, you will not regret heading here. This restaurant offers a great balance of delicious meals that are so plentiful, they will leave you leftovers for lunch the next day. 


5. Golden Reef Diner

When in doubt- diner! The Golden Reef Diner in Rockville Centre will satisfy any of you or your groups cravings. Like most diners on Long Island, they serve breakfast, lunch, and dinner all day for affordable prices and huge portions. Unlike most diners, they are 24 hours and they have authentic Italian gelato that has been featured on Buzzfeed as a ice cream shop you need to visit before you die.


Did we miss your favorite spot? Let us know on Twitter or Instagram! Your favorite place may be featured in another article!