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Top 5 Games That Can Completely Ruin Relationships

Whether you’re a little kid, teenager, college student, or a full grown working adult there’s nothing like sitting back and enjoying the company of a few friends, family, or school/workmates, but no hangout night would be complete without games. Card games, board games, video games whatever you like to play as long as you’re doing it with the ones who are close to you it doesn’t matter what you play. However, the best part about game nights isn’t play the game, nope, it’s about showing everyone else how much you love them by angering them all throughout the game. Yes, game night is just not complete until you show everyone how much you love them by playing that “Draw 4” card in UNO or taking too long to guess the picture in Pictionary, or throwing that dreaded blue shell in Mario Kart. It’s all about showing the love on family game night and ruining that bond you’ve built up over the years with friends in a simple card game, so without further ado here are 5 games that could completely ruin relationships.

5. Pictionary: Everyone remembers the age-old game of Pictionary where people would split into teams, and one person would draw a picture and their teammates would have to try and guess what the picture was. However, on every team there’s always one person who either has horrible drawing skills, horrible guessing skills or if you’re unlucky enough both. Then when someone starts drawing a boat that looks like a hotdog and the teammates keep saying it’s a cat, the whole game just goes down the drain and you and your cousin spend the rest of the night glaring at each other across the dinner table as you telepathically ask him one question, “If cat wasn’t the right answer the first time why would it be right the other 300 times you said it?!?”

4. Bulls**t: This card game is like training wheels for poker for two reasons one, it teaches you to lie and two it teaches you two catch others lying. In this card game players divide the deck evenly amongst each other and take turns placing cards down in numerical order (Ace being one the lowest and King being the highest) with the goal being to be the first player to get rid of all their cards, players are encouraged to lie in this game to get rid of their cards being as the cards must be placed in numerical order if a player does not have the card that comes next in the order they may still place another card and say that it is the card that comes next in the order, however if another player calls bulls**t on that player and the player is in fact lying then the player must pick up the pile of cards that has been accumulated throughout the round but if the player who was called bulls**t on was telling the truth then the caller must pick up the pile of cards. Doesn’t this sound like a game for the best of friends? Imagine sitting across from your best friend in middle school, with whom you share everything with, secrets, clothes, and even food and here you are lying to you’re their face about the card you just played. Shame, shame.

3. Monopoly: Everyone remembers the board game of Monopoly, which albeit no one really knew how to win when they first played, everyone just picked their pieces, passed go to collect $200, tried not to go to jail, and bought as much property as you could. But, that was how you annoyed people in Monopoly you bought all the property, imagine every move you made you had to pay the other player a portion of their winnings each time you rolled the dice. Nothing like bankrupting someone you love to put you in a good mood.

2. UNO: Old or young we’ve all played and probably continue to play the game of UNO where the main goal is to match the colors of the cards that are played and be the first person to get rid of all your cards. Now, there are a couple of ways to anger someone in this game but it all depends on the rules you play the game with, the “no UNO out” rule makes sure that even when a player is about to play their last card they can’t if the phrase is said quick enough and they have to stay in the game for another turn. The second one could be making a player pick up two cards anytime they make a mistake such as calling “no UNO out” on another player when they have more than one card in their hand. The third way could be to play the wild card and change the color of the next card to be played to a different color. The last and most annoying thing you could do in a game of UNO id play the dreaded draw 4 card which makes the player after you draw 4 and what makes matters worse is that this card can be piled on top of each other by other players, meaning that one player could play it then another player plays it and so on until it gets to a player that doesn’t have and they have to pick up however many the amount total is, talk about luck of the draw.

1. Mario Kart: “IT’S-A-ME! MAR-I-O!! Yep he’s back the red hat wearing, Brooklyn, Italian plumber is on this list, now some of you may be wondering, “what could be so bad about playing a Mario game with friends?” Well clearly you’ve never been hit with a blue shell in Mario Kart, ever wonder why Luig always has the angry face on camera? Yes, Mario and his series of games are probably one of the most popular and entertaining franchises around the world but they also can be one of the most frustrating (if you don’t believe me I wrote an article about him too, go check it out). Imagine you’re sitting there playing Mario Kart with your friends you’re in first as Yoshi and are about to drift into the finish line and win the game and guess what the winner gets the last slice of pizza you see no one in sight and suddenly you hear a loud impending buzzing noise and a blue spiked shell swirls around your head and slams into you and your best friend whizzes past you and takes first place, the slice of pizza, and just for the heck of it your girlfriend….still think Mario games aren’t that bad?



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