Supreme 2016 Spring/Summer Release

Supreme has always been known for minimalism and for making an impact by saying very little. This year's Spring/Summer release is no different. In the beginning of February, Supreme released a preview for their new line showing that they, like other brands, are bringing in influence from retro and vintage fashion. We can see a 70s and 90s influence in their new line. 


Color Blocked Track Jacket

Supreme kept its nostalgiac feeling for this line with collaborations with Morrissey as well as with references to old pop culture icons. The Motion Logo sweater is a reference to Goodfellas. Their yellow tee contains a reference to a Bow Wow Wow (the new wave band) album title and their outerwear draws influences from 90s hip hop outerwear.

Morrissey Tee

The outerwear, as well as some of the shirts, have a vintage vibe due to the designs. One shirt is covered in peackock feathers and gives a 70s vibe; it's the kind of look to go to the disco in. The jackets seem to draw huge inspiration from 90s style, as they bring back the windbreakers with colors synonymous with 90s hip-hop culture. 

Peacock Shirt

If you haven't picked up an item yet, then you're probably out of luck. Supreme sells out really fast and once an item is sold out, it is almost impossible to get it again without crazy resale values. I recommend either getting something that is left or waiting it out. Supreme likes to do random collaborations throughout the year and don't confine themselves to just seasonal releases. Stay on the lookout for one of these releases or check out their website now to see what's there.

Twill Anorak