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Six Artists That Need To Release New Music NOW

1. Lana Del Rey

After releasing Honeymoon in September of 2015, Lana has been playing on repeat on my phone since the day it came out. It’s the perfect music to listen to on every occasion. Chilling out with friends? Play Honeymoon. Chilling out by yourself? Honeymoon. Casually crying on a Sunday night? Go ahead honey, play Honeymoon. On an actual honeymoon? Honeymoon. Because I have been playing it nonstop since 2015, I’ve been listening to it over and over again for over a year. My ears will never tire of it of course, but I need something new. I just need more Lana, more music, and another album to express my never-ending sadness with it. So far Lana releases a new album every 1-2 years, so I’m waiting Lana. Release something soon, don’t let me die here. Ok, because we may have been Born to Die, (see what I did there), but I WAS BORN TO LISTEN TO LANA.

2. Marina and the Diamonds

It has been almost two whole years since Marina and the Diamonds last released an album. I am wilting and I need to be replensished with the amazingness that is Marina Diamandis. Not only is she such a wonderful and pleasantly amazing human being who is a bit of a political activist, but she is arguably even more talented. Her voice and singing capabilities are off the charts and the themes her different albums deal with are extremely realistic and relatable. She can go from making you feel like the baddest bitch on the block to the saddest person on this entire planet. AND I NEED MORE OF IT. I NEED HER TO RELEASE A NEW ALBUM WITH A NEW THEME THAT PLAYS WITH MY EMOTIONS AND MAKES ME FEEL LIKE WHATEVER SHE WANTS THE LISTENER TO FEEL LIKE. Please release an album soon Marina!!

3. The Neighbourhood

Ever since their most popular song “Sweater Weather” hit the charts The Neighbourhood has been an enigma. The approach they take on marketing themselves- is not marketing themselves. They literally came out of nowhere, and people just wanted more. Who are they? Where did they come from? We found those things out eventually, but again, there’s hardly any new news released about them except for when they release a new album. Their last album Wiped Out! was released in October of 2015. And guess what? People. Want. More. I NEED more, okay. But if there is any news as to if they have even started creating new music, who knows. Like I said there is still hardly any news about them. Are they even still a band?! Will they ever release a new album?! i don’t know but based on past precedent the length betweent their first album and second album was a little over two years. So, I expect new music and I don’t want to be disspointed. The last thing I need is more trust issues. 

4. Melanie Martinez

After her claim to fame in 2015 after the release of her debut album Crybaby, Melanie has done anything but sit around and cry all day (although it sure feels like it sometimes). If you know anything about her you know she was a contestant on The Voice in 2012. She made it to the Top 6 before being eliminated off the show. However, little did anyone know she would be the one to break the music industry. Captivating everyone with her unique voice and style, Melanie has been on the rise and doesn’t seem to be stopping anytime soon. Good news though fellow crybabies, Melanie has already completed her second studio album which is currently in post-production. I think we can finally stop crying and start cheering because I would not be surprised if she drops a single sometime within the next few months!!

5. Arctic Monkeys

Yes my readers, you read that right. Arctic Monkeys! “But,” you say, “I though they were on a hiatus.” Yes my reader, you would be right. They were on a hiatus. But not anymore because just last December, THEY ANNOUNCED THAT THEIR HIATUS HAS ENDED AND THAT THEY ARE ALREADY MAKING MUSIC FOR THEIR SIXTH STUDIO ALBUM. It’s okay you can scream now. Let it all out because there is going to be a new album by Arctic Monkeys. Who knows when, but we can hope that it can be sometime in 2017. It has been four years too long and I have never been so ready for something in my life.

6. Paramore

I honestly thought Paramore was never going to release a new album again. In 2009, two of the founders of Paramore, Josh and Zac Farro, left the band after some conflicts. This left the band with only three members compared to previously having five. They lost a guitarist and a drummer, and just when we though all was lost, in 2013 the three released a self-titled album jam packed with 17 songs. Some Paramore fans were basically trying not to die excitement as it had been way too long. Paramore’s first three albums were all released two years apart from eachother. That first four year gap almost killed some people. However, some people would have rather kept waiting and were not so pleased with Paramore’s change in sound. Around 2015, it was announced that the band’s bassist Jeremy Davis had officially left the band. Down to only two members, I kind of thought Paramore was just going to die out. However, literally just days ago Paramore announced the return of previous band member, Zac Farro!! DO YOU KNOW WHAT THIS MEANS PARAMORE FANS. Although no official news has been released, I think we can expect another album release from Paramore sometime throughout 2017!!! (It has been four years and if history truly repeats itself well then get ready!!) 

Travis is 19 in his fourth semester of college! He is considered a Junior at Molloy and majors in Accounting! When he discovered(?) Her Campus at his school he immediately joined and became a writer and the Instragram coordinator. Now he is proud to be a Campus Correspondent!
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