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The “Self-Love” Problem

One problem our generation seems to constantly have a problem with is self-love. This seems ironic considering most of us are constantly posting selfies and pictures of ourselves with our friends with perfect lighting, fleaky makeup, and #nofilter. Now I’m sure this article does not apply to everyone and some people out there really are just plain old narcissistic. But I find that a problem that most people within my generation has, including myself, is loving ourselves.

I myself tend to come off as narcissistic and full of myself. This can be a good thing and a bad thing of course. However, how do myself and most people really feel about themselves behind all those perfectly lighted selfies and funny Twitter posts? I feel that one important question to ask yourself before you post something is “Why am I posting this?” I myself hate to admit this, but sometimes I feel half the reason I post things on Twitter and Instagram, Snapchat, Tumblr, etc. is because I’m either looking for some form of validation or attention. In a world where society is constantly telling you how to fit in and what is expected of you, it’s hard to feel great and amazing when you are being constantly put down. The other day I saw this girl post something along the lines of “someone tell these girls that black lipstick is not cute” on Twitter and it got me feeling kind of upset. Why do people constantly bash others choices and looks? Maybe those girls that girl on Twitter was talking about weren’t even trying to look cute anyway! So to me, it is not surprising that people are constantly looking for validation or attention. You have to admit it feels great when other people or even strangers compliment you or when you get a ton of likes or retweets on a post you made. It’s like “Wow, people actually like me!” Let’s do a quick reality check for a second, of course, other people like you! There are over 7 billion people alive on this planet, there are people that are going to like you, and there are people that are going to hate you, this is inevitable! However, there is only one person who’s opinion that should really matter to you: and that is yourself’s.

This is because, like I mentioned before, there are always going to be people that like and hate you, no matter what you do. There will always be friends and family members out there who love to compliment you and love you for who you are. So while it’s important to feel validated, the only true way to feel truly validated is to validate yourself. Because in a world where people are always going to constantly love and hate you, do their opinions about you really matter? The most important person’s opinion that should matter to you is yourself’s because there is only one you, and only you can truly make yourself feel validated. You need to love yourself and always work on becoming a better person because it will make this world a brighter place! Yes, you are going to make mistakes, you are going to have some regrets, but always learn from yourself and grow! So what if some irrelevant girl doesn’t think black lipstick looks good on you? Who cares that some stranger on the internet thinks you should really start working out? Those people should not affect you or your happiness, you should do what makes you feel happy! And the best part about happiness is that it’s contagious! Sometimes smiling to a stranger on the street can brighten that whole person’s day! So be happy and do what you love, and most importantly: love yourself! 

Travis is 19 in his fourth semester of college! He is considered a Junior at Molloy and majors in Accounting! When he discovered(?) Her Campus at his school he immediately joined and became a writer and the Instragram coordinator. Now he is proud to be a Campus Correspondent!
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