Profile: Taylor Valentino


Name: Taylor Valentino

Year: Senior

Major: Vocal Performance

Hometown: Levittown

What is your business?

"I make hair-bows as well as other accessories. It's called Better with a Bow on Top!"

What made you decide to make bows?

"I was watching a YouTube video one day and I wanted to learn how to make bows. So I did a few test runs and fell in love with it ever since."

When did you start making bows?

"About a year and a half ago before I went to Disney for my college program!"

Where can we buy them?

"I have an Etsy page as well as a Facebook page that you can find my latest styles and purchase from me!"

Do you ever sell them at Molloy?

"I do sell on campus once or twice a month, depending on when I can get a table."

Do you have a favorite bow to make?

"I love all the Disney themed bows I make as well as the fandom bows I sell. It's just fun making something someone else can wear."

What's your best selling bow?

"The bow I sell the most would have to be the mermaid one. I have this fabric that looks like a mermaids tail and I finish it off with a sparkly purple middle."

Do they come in different sizes?

"I can do any size you would like. All you have to do is ask!"

Do you make anything else besides bows?

"I make pins out of recycled bottle caps as well as headbands."

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