Profile: Ryan Gribbin-Burket

Name: Ryan Gribbin-Burket

Year: Junior

Major: Accounting (political science minor)

Hometown: Mastic, New York

What are you a part of at Molloy? "Currently I am a student ambassador, the school’s yearbook editor, co-president of Business Ambassadors, Vice President of Molloy Student Government (MSG), and I am a member of the Molloy Performing Arts Club which is more than a little outside of my comfort zone but I love it."

What responsibilities do you have being the vice-president of MSG? "As Vice President, I assist the president and fulfill the responsibilities of president if they cannot.  I’m also on our constitution committee in which I help guide the class presidents to make sure they’re fulfilling their necessary roles. I also feel responsible for being someone all members of MSG, as well as the entire student body, can come to if they need any type of help or advice or even just someone to listen."

What events have you planned in the past? "In my previous two years, I served as a class president and we planned a lot of fun events. We hosted a freshman mixer which is supposed to be a nice little introductory event to help people get to know each other. We went on to pioneer and host two SoFresh Glow parties, Molloy’s Got Talent, and what might be my personal favorite the ARghh, (a pirate themed party in the AR)."

What events do you have planned for the spring semester? "As Vice President, I do not have a very active role in planning events, but other sectors of MSG will be hosting some really fun things. I know the Junior Class Presidents are considering bringing back the immensely popular Color Fest and again running Molloy’s Got Talent. In addition, keep your eye out for a possible return of the SoFresh Glow party, and a Super Bowl party put on by the Freshman Class Presidents. Last and most certainly not least we have our end of the year Gala sponsored and hosted by the Senior Class Presidents at Leonard’s Palazzo!"

What is your favorite MSG sponsored event? "Easily my favorite event was Netflix and chill (Cool Off), which was an event sponsored by the Sophomore Class last year where everyone sat around ate ice cream and watched Parks and Rec for a couple of hours."

What is your ideal date? "I’m not one for anything big or showy, I like something thoughtful and romantic. It has to be a first date type atmosphere where both of us are a bit nervous but excited and all the little things are so important and make a world of a difference at the time, but seem silly in hindsight. I really enjoy the nighttime so I would like it to start around 9 and we can go to the movies to see whatever the latest Marvel or Star Wars movie is. After the movie ends hopefully we’ll both be a little more relaxed and we can go get something for dinner. It’ll probably be late at this point and being on Long Island the choice is obvious; drive around until we end up at whatever random diner we can find and get breakfast for dinner. In between sharing some chocolate chip pancakes or some other breakfast for dinner classic and sips of chocolate milk, (take note chocolate milk for me is a must), we would talk and joke about whatever is on our mind. After we eat we’d walk back to the car and I’d drive them home and then the best part is we’d just sit there for a little while having one of those late-night car conversations where we just get to know each other genuinely enjoy being together. At the end, I’d walk them to their door and since this is the ideal date it would of course end with a nice goodnight kiss."