Profile: Frankie Oliver

Name: Frankie Oliver

Hometown: Bronx, NY / West Hempstead, NY

Position: Coordinator of College Image Production and Creative Student Media

Where did you grow up and go to school?

I grew up in Bronx, NY and attended St. Helena Elementary School.  In 1997 We moved out to Long Island where I attended West Hempstead High School. In 2002 I went to Nassau Community College as a Business Administration major, later switching to a Fine Arts major then finally switching to, and finishing, my degree in Commercial Arts: Digital Communications.  I  later finished my Bachelor’s Degree in Graphic Design at New York Institute of Technology. 

What made you want to work at Molloy College and what do you do?

I’ve always been interested in art and design since my elementary school days and bringing something to the table that no one has seen before.  A friend of mine sent me the job opening for a Multimedia Specialist and I saw that it incorporated graphic design, photography and video filming/editing.  I had never worked for a higher education institution before and though that having that experience would add to my versatility.  I did some research on the institution and thought that I could bring my own style to their branding.

What the position eventually turned into was something that I couldn’t ask for better.  Currently, I help the Office of Student Affairs and the Office of Advancement push the Molloy brand forward. Enhancing campus life with video and imagery and helping other offices/departments with promotional items. 

I am also advisor to the Gaming Club and the student media organization on campus - MolloyLife Media. 

Where did you work before Molloy?

I have been self-employed since 2009 doing photography and video projects for a wide range of clients (weddings, small/big businesses, theater companies, etc.)  I also designed branding (business cards, logos, marketing products, etc. ) and built websites for small businesses.  Prior to that I worked at Sony as a Digital Imaging Lead which gave me experience and insight into the world of sales and marketing. I have also worked for a sound and lighting production company called KM Productions as a photographer/videographer - I also built and managed their website at the time.  

What do you do on your spare time?

Taking on projects my staff is not already working on.  I’m always designing or editing something for someone because it’s what I love to do.  Aside from that, I enjoy gaming, cooking, kayaking and camping.

What's it like running your own business? 

Fun and Rewarding. Helping people build their brand, realize their vision and capturing their memories - giving them something envisioned and created by you and having them recommend you to others is a great feeling.  In the beginning it was rough trying to build yourself from the ground up and get your name out there, but once you get your footing and start streamlining your design/production process, it makes managing your time, resources and staff much easier and less stressful.

What do you plan to do in your future?

Travel the world, start a family, and cement my legacy.  Staying happy but never being satisfied.