Profile: Destinee Day

Name: Destinee Day

Hometown: Kearney, Missouri (Hometown of Jesse James, the cowboy/bandit/bank robber, not the motorcycle guy) (Also Go Chiefs!) 

Position: Co-Coordinator of College Image Production and Creative Student Media

Where did you grow up and go to school?

I grew up in a small town, in the suburbs of Kansas City. It was a town where you knew everyone, and everyone knew you. The biggest influence in my life came from Friday night football games. If anyone watches Friday Night Lights you’ll know what I mean. “Clear eyes, full hearts, can’t lose.”; only ours was “Everyday is a great day to be a Bulldog!". I took a media class where we filmed every home game and broadcasted it through our local cable company. It was mostly for old people to watch at home, but I fell completely in love with media. 

I went to college at the biggest school in the state, the University of Missouri. It has the best Journalism School in the country and I really thought that journalism was the path for me. I worked hard my freshman and sophomore years to work at the NBC affiliate owned by the Journalism school. I was producing and reporting news segments my freshman year of college (which is something usually done by juniors and seniors). Over time it wore me down and journalism seemed too political to me; I honestly found more joy in the creative process of film making and I switched my major to film. 

 What was it like moving from a small town to New York City?

After switching my major, it dawned on me that no television shows or films are made in Missouri. I moved to New York after graduating early from college. I had never really seen a big city and I wanted to experience and live in something that was the complete opposite of everything I knew. It was a culture shock. I had a hard time understanding people when they talked. The phrase “light and sweet” baffled me beyond belief, and public transportation rendered me completely scared and confused. 

 What made you want to work at Molloy College and what do you do?

The film/TV industry is a lot of hopping from one job to the next. It can really wear you down. I wanted stability with creativity and that is really hard to find. (Also healthcare.) Frankie Oliver (my colleague) and I do all of the internal marketing for the school. Every poster, and LIT stand is designed by us. We do videos and photos for any department that wants and/or needs them. Frankie and I also oversee MolloyLife Media. MolloyLife Media is our student media organization that runs social media, makes the yearbook, writes the newspaper, takes photos and videos, and puts out podcasts. Everyone should check it out! #molloylife! 

 Where did you work before Molloy?

Before Molloy, I was an On-Set Editor for a NBC show called “Allegiance”. My mentor and I were live editing scenes as they were being shot. It was new and exciting. The show is no longer on the air, but I will forever be grateful for it. It taught me many life lessons, introduced me to friends that feel like family and gave me my boyfriend, JP. 

 What do you do on your spare time?

 Any free moment I can, I spend riding horses. JP and I love to cook and eat. I’ll spend all my money on food if given the opportunity. I spend a lot of time Facetiming my dog Noah (who lives in KC with my parents). Every Sunday I watch football and pray that the Chiefs don’t let me down. 

 What do you plan to do in your future?

 When I think of the future, I’m retired on a farmhouse with some horses and dogs. Until then, I just want to travel more, try new things and see where that takes me.