Profile: Artist Don Hazlitt

Name: Don Hazlitt

Age: 67 Years Old

Where are you originally from? 

"I'm originally from Stockton, California where I received my Associates degree in Humanities from San Joaquin Delta College. Then I received by Bachelors in Art from Sonoma State University in Rohnhert Park and finished my Masters at California State." 

When did you move to New York?

"I moved to New York in the early 80s and worked as an adjunct at Columbia University and worked for a publishing company in Manhattan. I lived in Brooklyn for a good part of my life where my children were also raised." 

Did your family always suport your career choice?

"Well my parents were always very supportive. As a kid I wasn't that good in school and I was also very into sports. I alwasy drew but didn't think art would become my career. Even in the beginning of college I didnt know that art would become my career. However, I was still somewhat the black sheep in the family because I was doing art for a living. My parents did support me though and I greatly appreciated that." 

What kind of art do you make?

"I work with oil paints on canvas and my style can be described as abstract. I use different colors and shapes to carry out my vision and message, if I have a message to carry out through my work." 

Do you like to teach art?

"Well of course I do! I've always loved showing people that they have talent and to express themselves as they want. The way I teach my classes, I teach a technique and let the students apply it to their own styles. This allows the student to have more freedom and enjoy what they are making. The idea is to always create." 

Do you have anything coming up?

"Yes! I have a show coming up in March in Chelsea. I will have a couple of my pieces at the Andre Zarre Gallery."