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Profile: Angelica Lopez

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Molloy chapter.

What is your majors and what do you do on campus?

I am a junior Business Management Major with a professional communications minor in the honors program. I have been heavily involved on campus since my freshman year with activities and clubs such as Dance team, Molloy Business Channel, Business ambassadors, and I currently, serve as the Co-Editor-in-Chief of #Molloylife Media.

What is Molloy Life?

MolloyLife is really the internal PR organization of Molloy College; it is the representation of what our campus is about, and what the student life on campus is about. MolloyLife is completely student-run, which makes it a unique perspective on what is actually happening on campus, and we get to present a variety of stories to the student body in all forms of media, from photography to videography – from writing to social media. That’s truly what MolloyLife is about – it’s about telling stories to the Molloy College student body about the noteworthy things going on around campus and beyond. While it may be something simple like a video recap of an event that happened a few days before, there’s also incredible individuals on our campus, both academically and athletically, that we enjoy presenting to other students to show who makes up the incredible environment at Molloy. 

What does your jobs consist of?

As the Co-Editor-in-Chief, I’m responsible first and foremost for the management of the Editors of MolloyLife. We have Editors in photography, videography, writing, graphic design, yearbook, and office management positions that both Angelica and myself are responsible for keeping in order. However, having worked with much of the Editors in the previous year, we have a rather efficient and well-oiled machine running in MolloyLife, so our jobs are made much easier by their immense hard work and dedication. In addition to making sure things are running smoothly, it is also important that we complete our goals as an organization, so we periodically check on editors to make sure the multiple projects MolloyLife is working on is getting completed efficiently and up to our standards. Really, in an abstract sense, our jobs are about creating and maintaining a culture at MolloyLife. We all do late hours in the office. We all are up late editing or filming or creating in one way or another. It’s not because we have to – it’s because we want to. All of the Editors have bought into a culture that has been created at MolloyLife these past couple years, and it is mine and Angelica’s job to keep that culture alive, because that’s what makes our work worthwhile. 

What made you wanna work with new media even though it is not a part of your major?

When I initially joined the club I had no set plan of what I wanted to do, I just knew that media would be a fun and enjoyable organization to join. After my first year of dabbling in departments and putting my business background to use I became the PR editor for #MolloyLife which then morphed into the PR and Social Media editor by the end of my second year. If you ask any of the editors, my mind tends to work a little differently than others as I like to keep my “Business hat” on when working with them. This organization has granted me the opportunity to work on my problem-solving abilities and the ability to morph and combine creativity with the more analytic side of me.

What are your plans after college?

Oh no! The dreaded question! Actually, not really. After college I intend on getting a full time job in the digital marketing or analytics field of a company, preferably in entertainment. Unlike my counterpart Joseph, Graduate school is more of a long-term goal and not necessarily an immediate path I want to take.

Do you see yourself continuing to work with new media?

Yes, absolutely. I have found a real passion for new media but with my own twist. I like falling under the digital media marketing department but more on the analytical and research side. For me, that’s the perfect balance of creativeness and analytics, which is where I tend to strive most.

What are your goals for your career?

I was that terribly annoying kid that always had a plan: a plan for school, a plan for the day, a plan for life, just a plan. As I got older I was open to change, if you would’ve asked me at 9 yrs old what my plan was it’s the exact opposite of what I’m doing now. One thing that hasn’t changed is my passion for Disney. I’m not fully sure what field I would like to work in but however I get there, I completely intend on being employed full time at The Walt Disney Company!