Niall Horan's song "This Town" Review

As a Directioner, it destroyed me when the boys announced their permanent hiatus. It was tough enough when Zayn left! 

Despite the boys breaking up, most of them had announced that they are heading into solo careers. Liam Payne signed with Capitol Records. Harry Styles signed with Columbia Records and just finished filming an action movie. Those two were expected to sign, along with Zayn. But, the shock of it all was Niall Horan coming out of nowhere with his own single! Niall has reportedly signed with Universal Music. To say I was excited to hear the song was an understatement. If you are a Directioner than you know that Niall Horan was one of the boys to have the least amount of solos.

Personally, I love his voice and think it's mesmerizing and that's exactly what I heard in "This Town." He sings with only his guitar. The lyrics are beautifully sung about a pair of exes who can’t escape each other in their small town. He sings about remembering their childhood and their favorite pub. He’s upset because he regrets the things he never got to say to her. "This Town" is more modern and folk-influenced, kind of like Ed Sheeran and Bob Dylan. 

"This Town" is a beautiful song sung by a beautiful man. I always knew he would be a hit! If you haven't yet listened to "This Town," I highly recommend you do.