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Let’s Switch Things Up! Nintendo Switch Disscussion

Well, it’s only a month away people the cold times of the winter season are coming to a close there’s going to be fresh air, spring flowers, and bright sunny days all the time…too bad all the gamers out there won’t see much of it because as we all know the long anticipated Nintendo Switch is being released in March. Yes, the latest in Nintendo’s lineup is finally going to be released, Nintendo’s consoles, however, have had bad reputations recently, what with the Nintendo Wii U’s overall failure in sales in comparison to the Xbox One and PlayStation 4’s releases, even the Nintendo 3DS sales’ were dropping until Nintendo released the new Pokémon games for it. So, now for all of you who are still unsure whether or not how the Switch will fair, let’s switch things up (see what I did there?) and examine what we already know so far about the Nintendo Switch.

The Nintendo Switch is set for a March release date and the anticipation around its release is incredible there have been numerous tweets, discussions, and videos made about it from various YouTubers and gaming magazines such as Dashie and Game Informer respectively. The Nintendo Switch will be the first dual gaming system, as it will be able to function as a home console to be played off the TV or a handheld gaming system for gaming on the go. Instead of traditional discs that usually go with the home consoles, instead, it is supposed to be compatible with the small Nintendo game cartridges that mainly used for Nintendo DS line. The system will come with The Nintendo Switch Doc, The Nintendo Switch Console, and two Joy Cons when the console itself is put into the dock this allows players to access TV mode and play their games on the big screen, while the two Joy Cons which connect to the sides of the of the Nintendo Switch when it’s undocked and transform it into a handheld console for gaming on the go.

The Nintendo Switch is scheduled to release March 3rd for a retail price of $299.99, with launch games of Super Mario Odyssey, NBA 2K18, Splatoon 2. Zelda Breath of the Wild, Mario Kart 8 Deluxe and much more. The retail price for the Nintendo Switch doesn’t stray too far from the typical price range for consoles and handhelds when they are first released. Personally, the launch titles don’t seem to be a very strong but I am confident that the versatility of the Nintendo Switch being both a handheld and a home console will help boost sales and make it one of the most popular consoles Nintendo has put out in a long time.


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