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How to Know if You’re the Aunt Friend

Every group has a “mom” friend, someone that always has a first-aid kit in her bag and makes sure that everyone’s drinking enough water, but there is a lower key, lesser known breed known as the Aunt Friend. If you can’t identify the aunt in your friend group, it’s because you are one. Here’s how you’ll know:


1. “Survival” Items in the bottom of your bag



Three different flavors of tic tacs, a pair of socks, maybe a safety pin… You’re prepared, sure, but not in the same way as the all-powerful Mom Friend. You have little things that might help in very specific situations, but nothing life changing like hand sanitizer, tissues or bandaids. 


2. Advice About the Little Things

You’re out to help, but not to alter the course of anyone’s life, so you come equipped with the best cookie recipe. You make things a little brighter with your advice, and know how to make the small stuff less stressful.

3. Fashion Tips

Not unlike a real cool aunt, you give honest, helpful advice about what to wear. If a friend needs those jeans in the next size up, a good aunt friend can be counted on to say so.


4. Planning


We all know the struggle: no group of people has ever taken less than a decade to decide on a place to eat. While the mom friend is busy googling “good food near Molloy College” and the sisters debate the merits of Moe’s versus Chipotle, you know a great place right in town.

5. Social Media Shout Outs

Remember your last birthday, when your whole squad made posts about you on social media, and one person’s post went on and on and included a collage, three annecdotes, eight inside jokes, and enough heart to move you to tears? The person that drafted that ode to your friendship was probably your aunt friend, letting you know she loves you. 


Mary Corbett is just a swarm of bees in a trench coat trying to do life and tell as many bad jokes as possible.
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