Expression Through Eye Color

    The other day, I met up with a friend I hadn't seen in months. As he came in through the door I noticed something weird; something felt off, not in a bad way but just something about him felt different. That's when he told me to look in his eye and I realized he had a red contact in from an anime called Naruto. I thought it was awesome. Not only could he mimic a character from the show but he was also able to express himself and his personality through just one accessory. 

Contacts are obviously nothing new, and, in recent years, have become a way for people to get blue or green eyes easily. There are so many people out there that wear contacts for the aesthetic, and there is nothing wrong with that. People have a right to express themselves and contacts are perhaps the smallest, yet most noticeable way of doing that. There are contacts in almost any design nowadays, whether you want green, blue, purple, red, or from shows like Naruto or other anime. 

In countries like Japan, it has also become common practice to wear contacts for other reasons, such as enlarging your eyes. However, the downside to that is that it has been found that they can damage your eyes in the long run, and there are still people that wear them almost every day. The style has also made its way to the west and even artists such as Lady Gaga have used them. Her use of the eye enlarging lenses is what lead to them becoming such a big deal in the states. Of course, these types of lenses must be worn with caution and not too often. 

    I personally think contact lenses are very cool. I love all the colors that you can get and how it can even help a person come out of their shell by making them feel more attractive to themselves and therefore more confident. I am not saying, however, that changing eye color makes some people more attractive but what I am saying is that they can make someone more comfortable in their own skin by wearing them and expressing their aesthetics to the world.