Eternity Forever

Need new music to chill to? Maybe you need something to study to or something to listen to while you just lay in bed on a rainy day. Well I have the prescription for you. Eternity Forever is the new super group composed of Kurt Travis (formerly of A Lot Like Birds and Dance Gavin Dance, Brandon Ewing (formerly of CHON) and Ben Rosset (Strawberry Girls).


This new band showed up in the Chill Rock scene in January has dropped two songs since. The first single Fantasy came out January 25th and gave me a sense of happiness that I have not felt from music since the last time I saw CHON live. The song has a beautiful, clean and technical guitar played by Brandon ewing, accompanied by bass that’s also played by him. The drums are very jazzy and also technical. Kurt Travis just seals the deal with his soft vocals layered over each other. The song is perfect for any chill activity. It just beautiful.

Then on February 28th they dropped Letting Go. This song was a little slower but still very chill. It gave me the same happiness and chill vibe. You kinda just wanna hold hands with whoever you’re with and just watch the stars for a while, or watch the sun set. The trio delivers the same vibe as the last song but without sounding repetitive. Ben Rosset also plays the bass on this song instead of Brandon Ewing. It really make you excited for their EP which drops April 20th.


The EP only has two other songs besides the singles so it’s not that much more but I am for sure still gonna buy it. It’s well worth it. It’s an EP that you can play in order to chill at work or listen to it just to study or even just to stay in bed. No matter what, it’s going to be amazing. Here are the links for their EP and their bandcamp: