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Cats vs. Dogs

Are you a fan of barks or “meows?” When you wake up in the morning would you rather feel a wet nose pressed up against you as an adorable fur ball with floppy or spiked ears showers you with kisses from his wet tongue as a “good morning?” Or would you rather hear the soft purring of a straight tailed, whiskered, fuzz ball as they cuddle up next to you as you sleep and may even climb on top of you and use you for a better napping spot, (careful watch out for their sharp claws). You already know whom I’m talking about people. Yep, it’s time for war, cats vs. dogs.

Personally, I’m a dog person, I have my own little furball at home named Shaggy, a Shih Tzu/Yorkie mix with a bad temper. But I love the little monster anyway, however I know some people prefer cats. Not that there is anything wrong with that, nor is there anything wrong with loving dogs, but much like their pets the owners can sometimes be at each other’s throats. Wondering why? Well, I’ll tell you! Studies show that both cat and dog lovers tend to share similar characteristics such as extreme affection, protectiveness, high tolerance for messes, and patience. So why are they sometimes at each other’s throats if they are so similar? Well, that’s actually the pets fault, everyone here who’s watched Tom and Jerry knows that certain animals just don’t get along very well and the age old tail (hah! See what I did there) of cats vs. dogs goes back years. Let’s start with the differences, dogs are very affectionate creatures, and can be very dependent on their owners for food, walks, playtime, and above all else- love, and in return they will become the most loyal companion(s) you’ve ever had. They could have just bitten your whole arm off, but when the time comes to defend you, they’ll  jump to your aid, teeth bared or snuggle next to you if you need a friend. Whereas cats are very independent creatures, cats tend to be so unbothered with anyone’s agenda but their own that some owners hardly need to anything other than feed them and take them to the vet. Cats usually walk themselves but have an instinct in them to always come back home, whereas if you were to throw a piece of chicken out the door your dog would take off running and you may need to chase him before he gets into any trouble. Despite their standoffish nature cats do have an affectionate side to them, they will cuddle up to their owner and gladly take a cat nap with them whenever. However where loyalty is concerned cats have more of it to themselves than their owner. Here is where the cats vs. dogs part comes in, let’s say the neighborhood bad dog (because every neighborhood has one) gets loose and you and your cat are outside and the dog begins charging towards you. You reach down to pick up you cat but she’s gone! You look up again and your cat has climbed through the window into the house and has left you high and dry….yeah, they say don’t run from dogs, but I suggest you start running.

I know it may seem like I’m saying dogs are the superior pet but it really depends on preference! If you want a high energy, probably troublemaking, loving a loyal companion for life, get yourself a dog. But if you want an independent, unbothered, not as loyal, but equally as affectionate pet, then get yourself a cat. But whichever one you get please watch you pets, obey leash laws, be careful of aggression, pick up the poop, and for heaven’s sake, dog owners if your dog got off their leash and goes running, don’t just stand there and call their name expecting them to come back! Get up, get moving, and go get them because if they bite anyone or anything it’s on your head. We all love our pets so let’s take care of them.


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