Campus Cutie: Alissa Guerra

Year: Junior

Major: Nursing

Hometown: Ronkonkoma, NY

Describe yourself in three words: “I guess crazy, creative, and caring.”

What’s one food you can’t live without? “I guess pizza, I love pizza!”

If you could be a pizza, as in, you were a pizza, what kind of pizza would you be? “Chicken Parmigian Pizza, I think that’s the greatest pizza ever. I just can’t have it a lot because it’s bad for you.”

What can we find you doing on a typical Saturday night? “Hanging out with friends, going out and chilling in people’s backyards. Nothing too crazy!”

As a rugby player at Molloy, what position do you play? “I’m a hooker… It’s so awkward to tell people but funny.”

What are you involved with on campus? “I am a Resident Assistant, I’m basically the big sister of the dorms. I try to get involved in MolloyLife when I can. I’m not in many clubs because my time is mostly dedicated to being in the Residence Hall, nursing and rugby. It’s hard to get myself out there but I try to get involved with things such as the fashion show and any other event like being an orientation leader. I try to do as much as I can.”

What do you love the most about Molloy? “The diversity of people; you can meet so many different types of people here and everyone is very friendly and wants to get to know you. It’s very easy to talk to people."

Where would you most want to travel? “New Zealand. It’s absolutely gorgeous over there, I know I have some family over there and also, the number one rugby team is there. I can definitely see myself living there one day, the hills, the animals and people walk barefoot over there.”

What is your dream job? “To paint professionally., If I could be an upcoming artist I’d love to do that. As of now I think nursing is more practical for me.”

Dunkin or Starbucks? “Dunkin Donuts!

Moe’s or Chipotle? “That’s actually a question I was trying to answer this summer… Chipotle!"

Morning or night? “Night-person.”

Dream Car? “Right now- it changes a lot- a blackout Charger. I love Chargers they are so cool.”

Favorite sport? “Ha, rugby!”