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Campus Celebrity: Nicole Solis

Name: Nicole Solis

Year: Senior

Hometown: Floral Park

Major: Communications and Marketing

What is “Canolie Creations”? “Canolie Creations are unique handmade accesories used to express individuality and passion. We are inspired by you and what is in your heart, whch is why we customize and personalize each piece. We love our American heroes and show our pride with a full line of flair supporting our military.”

What kind of products do you sell? “I hand make different accessories such as hair bows, headbands, key fobs, and so much more.”

Where can we get your products? “You can find our Canolie Creations in many different ways such as, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest and even Snapchat!”

Why did you decide to create your own business? “I decided to start my own business because deep down I’ve always been an entreprenuer. Jobs in which I’m told what to do and how to do it, never appealed to me. However, I do have two part time jobs and an internship because unfortunately, I am obsessed with working. My business takes up 100% of my free time.”

How hard is it to get a business off the ground? “It’s only hard to get a business off the ground if you lack drive and determination.”

How do you manage to balance your business with school? “It’s hard, espically during my senior year. Since I’m currently writing my thesis, completeing my internship, taking a full senior level course load and still working part time, my business had to take a little bit of a back seat- for now. Ultimately school is the most important thing to me right now.”

How do you incorporate what you study in school with your business? “My knowlege of the communications and marketing fields definitely help a great deal with the growth of my business. My knowlege of social media marketing and branding however, is all self-taught. The way I see it, youre either born with the entrepreneuership bug, or you’re not. School can’t teach you that.”

Where do you see your business in 5 years? “In 5 years…. who knows where I’ll be! My husband is an Active Duty Airman, and we’re currently stationed in Germany. There’s no telling where our next adventure will take us! I don’t let that hinder my success though. I plan on rolling out completely new product lines, expanding my online presence, and ultimately making this a full time job.”

Instagram: @CanolieCreations

Twitter: @CanolieCreations

Facebook: Canoliecreations

Pinterest: Canolie Creations

Snapchat: CanolieCreation

Angela is a Media Communications major with a New Media minor at Molloy College. She is also a writer for Her Campus Molloy and photographer for Molloy Life Media. When she is not testing out her photography skills or writing an new piece, Angela can be found hanging out with her friends or watching Netflix. She is very excited to continue working with all her fellow Her Campus staff members through the next few years while finishing up her degree at Molloy College.
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