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Campus Celebrity: Matt Rooney



Name: Matt Rooney

Year: Sophomore

Hometown: Merrick/Bellmore

Major/ Minor: Communications major with a minor in Marketing

What are you involved in on campus?: “I’m involved in MolloyLife Media and Anime Club.”

We heard that you are a musician, would you like to tell us about that?: “I got into music around my third year of high school and it was just to please my friends.”

Where can we get/listen to your music?: “My music can be found on my YouTube channel as well as iTunes and Spotify under my name: Matt Rooney.”

Who or what inspired you to become a musician?: “My grandfather was my inspiration to becoming a musician. When I was younger he would always give me a harmonica or drum sticks so we could play some music together.”

We also heard that you are an author, what do you write?: “I write short stories and comic/manga. I also ghost write.”

Where can we get your books?: “You can find my first book Dark Flowers on Amazon as well as a short story titled: Thoughts. My comics haven’t been published yet, but may be in the near future.”

Who is your favorite author?: “It’s actually my cousin, Robert Dibella, a Molloy alumnus”

Do you have a preference when it comes to writing, what do you like to write?: “I guess by preference you mean genre, so I’d have to go with psychological horrors or thriller mysteries.”

Do you do anything else besides write and play music?: “Aside from music and writing, I’ve also done a bit of low-key voice acting. Unfortunately the works I’ve done cannot be found because of copyright infringement and other issues.”

How did you manage to get into the voice-over business?: “My friend introduced me to this group of guys because they were looking for someone who could do accents. So I spoke in an Australian, British, German and Spanish accent for them and they loved it.”

Do you have any tips for anyone trying to break into the music, voice-over, or writing industry?: “Never give up. Sounds cliche, mainly because it is, but that’s honestly how I did it.”


Check Out Matt’s work below, and keep your eyes out for his new single coming out on October 23rd!

YouTube: Matt Rooney

Spotify: Paper Rose

iTunes: Paper Rose & Halcyon Melody

Amazon: Dark Flowers & Thoughts

Instagram: @Mataroni_

Angela is a Media Communications major with a New Media minor at Molloy College. She is also a writer for Her Campus Molloy and photographer for Molloy Life Media. When she is not testing out her photography skills or writing an new piece, Angela can be found hanging out with her friends or watching Netflix. She is very excited to continue working with all her fellow Her Campus staff members through the next few years while finishing up her degree at Molloy College.
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