Bacon Roses.. for Valentine's Day??

In this generation, the typical bouquet of roses, heart-shaped boxes of chocolate, and teddy bears are overrated. They are still sweet and appreciated gestures, but they are cliched Valentine's Day gifts. It's 2017! It's a time of innovation and creativity! This Valentine's Day, why not try to spice things up a bit? With these five Valentine's Day idea, you won't fail to impress your valentine this year.

1. A Dinosaur/Giraffe Stuffed Toy

Teddy bears are soooo old school. I mean, don't get me wrong, having those giant teddy bears from Costco would be amazing! However, it's time for an update. A dinosaur or a giraffe plushie would be perfect! Dinosaurs are SO vintage, like 200+ million years ago vintage. Nowadays, vintage is the style, and a dinosaur stuffed toy would be the best gift to give. That also includes giraffes! Although they are not from 200+ millions years ago, they are still just as loveable. Who doesn't love those long-neck animals? They are different from the norm (teddy bears) and your valentine would love the uniqueness.


2. Heart-Shaped Pizza

You can never go wrong with pizza. Pizza is everything. Pizza is life. Pretty much everyone enjoys eating pizza, and I'm sure your valentine would love it too. This year, order a heart-shaped pizza with their favorite toppings. Pick out a good movie and watch with your valentine, and enjoy both your love for pizza, in a heart-shape. 

3. A Human Heart Plushie

This gift idea would probably best suit all the medical students, or people interested in Human Anatomy. Instead of getting gifts in a regular "heart"-shape, why not get something that looks like a real heart? A human heart! Surprise your valentine this year by showing them how much you love them with a human heart-shaped plushie.

4. Bouquet of.. Chicken Wings??

Is your valentine a foodie? Does he/she love chicken wings? This gift would be the best idea for your valentine! No bouquet of roses could compare to a bouquet of chicken wings. Similar to the pizza idea, thise could be one of those nights to kick back and chill with your valentine, as well as eat some nice chicken wings. Just don't forget the sauce!

5. Bacon Roses.

Now this is the ultimate game changer. Bacon. Roses. How romantic is that? For all the bacon lovers out there, this would be the greatest Valentine's Day treat. Just think of that sizzling, cooked bacon, rolled in a shape of a rose. Beautiful. A gift of perfection. This would definitely be the perfect gift for you valentine, if you really want to surprise them. 

Valentine's Day is a nice holiday. Whether you have a valentine or not, just remember it's a day of love. If you do not have a valentine, do not worry! These are still great gift ideas to treat yourself. As for those who do have a valentine, I hope these gift ideas were helpful. If you have any other unique Valentine's Day gifts that were not mentioned, share it by leaving a comment below! I hope you all have a wonderful Valentine's Day, and remember to spread the love!