9 Last Minute DIY Halloween Costumes

1. Greek Goddess

Literally all you need is a short white dress, with your choice of different gold jewelry. Metallic tattoos are cool and inexpensive. You can also wear regular sandals or, what I like to call, gladiator sandals! Wear a flower crown in your hair and bam! you're done. Easy-peasy!

2. Fortune Teller

There are a lot of options for this costume. The easiest way to go is to mix any colored top with a long skirt with patterns on it. The more jewelry the better! I think big hoop earrings are practically necessary, but any excessively big jewelry will do. Make sure to wrap your hair with either a bandana or a piece of cloth. Creepy makeup with bold eyeliner is a must and maybe even a fake mole! I wouldn't wear sandals, definitley wear black boots! Fortune teller costume, complete!

3. M&Ms

Buy your favorite color shirt with the M&M symbol on it and wear it! Wear leggins with it with any shoes and you're literally good to go! You can be more creative and wear the same colored socks over your leggins or maybe wearing a tutu of the same color. You can also do some makeup inspired look on your face! Lots of options with this costume, but also very easy to do!

4. A Mouse

Wear a dress and heels with whatever jewelry and makeup you want. Then you add on a pair of mouse ears. You are now a mouse. Duh!! You can also be like every girl on the planet and wear Minnie Mouse ears. Now you are Minnie Mouse. Probably the easiest costume on this list to do! Definitley Mean Girls inspired!

5. Jigsaw

If you have a white button down and a bow tie, then you can be Jigsaw. Just wear that with some red suspenders, black shorts, any pair of black tights (including ripped ones), and any pair of black or red shoes you have. For makeup, you need to whiten out your face and draw the red the swirls in with lipstick. Bold eyeliner is optional but definitley makes the costume look creepier, as well as red lipstick, and using the eyeliner to make yourself look like a doll!

6. Tris (Divergent)

All you have to do is wear all black and your costume portion is complete. You can either buy fake bird tattoos or just use eyeliner to draw it on yourself. Wear your hair in a pony tail and maybe carry around a fake knife. Congrats! Now you're Tris.

7. A Nerd

Obviously the most important part of your costume is big framed glasses. You can even put tape in the middle of them and make yourself more nerdy! You can out your hair in pigtails, maybe even braided pigtails. A white button down shirt with a plaid skirt and suspenders is perfect. Thigh high socks with converse are also perfect and easy to do. Fell free to be completley not color coordinated. Tape a kick me sign to your back and your good to go!

8. Regina George

All you need to do is wear a purple bra and wear a white tank top. Then cut wholes over your boobs of the white tanks top. Pair this outfit with a black skirt and black flats. You are now Regina George! Easy last minute costume!

9. Netflix and Chill

Buy shirts that say Netflix and say Chill. Wear literally whatever you want with these shirts and you are now officially Netflic and Chill. If you can't find someone to be with, you can just buy a Netflix shirt and carry around a bag of ice! Easily Netfix and Chill.